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Video Clip: Canoeing Puzzle Lake Prov. Park
This video from Brad Jennings of 'Explore the Backcountry' highlights the major canoe route through Puzzle Lake Provincial Park in Central Ontario.

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Video Clip: Canoe Jousting
Video clip of Canoe Jousting in Alaska. Object is to joust your opponent out of their canoe and sink the canoe in the process. Fun times!
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Video Clip: Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit 2013
A short video on canoeing the Bowron Lakes circuit with two kids. The loop took about 5 and a half days and was amazing.
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Video Clip: Canoe Polo Rough Start (ouch!)
Check out this rough start to a New Zealand Canoe Polo National League Championship game (yes, they call kayaks "canoes" down there).
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Video Clip: Quick Release Knots for Canoeing
Here's a short video on how to tie two different quick-release knots that can be useful in canoeing. Presented by a National Outdoor Training Center in Scotland (what accent?)
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Video Clip: Kayaking through a Tube
Some unique kayaking destinations present themselves after a desert rainstorm and there's always some crazy person with a camera to attempt it.
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Video Clip: Failed Seal Launch
This failed seal launch leaves a kayaker in a state of limbo... Skip the first 10 seconds of cats (watch and you'll understand).
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Video Clip: Ice Sailing in a Canoe
*Cue the music* "Oh what fun it is to ride in a no-horse open canoe (attached to a parachute on a frozen lake)! Hey!"
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Video Clip: Snow Kayaking with Warren Miller
Warren Miller's film crews capture fun footage of snow kayaking... it's just frozen water after all.
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Video Clip: Shark sightings from SUP in Calif.
Manhattan Beach (CA) resident Jay Dohner recently filmed three sharks, each between eight and 10 feet long, circling underneath his paddleboard.
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Video Clip: Mississippi River - Canoe Portage Pain
A video episode about canoeing the Mississippi by "In Transit". This one (Day 13 & 14) deals with different dams to portage. What a pain!
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Video Clip: Kayak Speed Launch!
In this clip, the folks at BodyBoatBlade demonstrate the Kayak Speed Launch, a fun and practical way to get on the water fast!
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Video Clip: Tips on How Not To Tip a Canoe
Some quick tips on how not to tip a canoe hosted by Mike Mills from the Buffalo Outdoor Center (Ponca, AR).
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Video Clip: C-1 action from Alaska
Some C-1 action on the Matanuska River and Willow Creek up in Alaska (June 2012).
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Video Clip: Haunted Canoe Ride
An after Halloween fright: short promo video for the Haunted Canoe Rides offered by the North Brooklyn Boat Club.
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Video Clip: Warren Miller - Classic Whitewater Kayaking
Warren Miller himself humorously narrates classic adventure moments riding along with old school whitewater kayakers.
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Video Clip: Kayak Roll Fail but...
If you've ever attempted the kayak roll, you've probably been here at some point. What makes it funny is the music soundtrack (classic!) Keep practicing!
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Video Clip: Canoe Portage Practice
Watch the Polish Canoe Marathon team practice their portage skills. They're fast! Now if only it was that easy in the backcountry...
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Video Clip: Kayak Camping on Santa Catalina (CA)
A short video showcasing Catalina Island and the joys of kayak camping from Avalon to Lava Wall Campground. Includes an experiment with a peanut butter jar and camera flip-phone??
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Video Clip: Car Shuttle Tips
In this funny video clip, Paul Mason explains the fine art of shuttling cars for a river trip using the latest technology.
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Video Clip: A different kind of sea kayak race
From National Geographic, a team of young adventure kayakers seek out the sea's most turbulent places, called tidal races, and dive right in.
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Video Clip: Kayak with homemade air boat motor?
Air boat motor on a kayak - Ingenious Invention or just a Noisy Nuisance? You be the judge... and watch out for the swan. Courtesy of the UK...
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Video Clip: Kayaking Melbourne, Australia
A short segment on kayak tours in Victoria Harbor of Australia. Check out the dinnertime delivery of fish n' chips before the evening paddle by city lights.
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Video Clip: Choosing a Canoe Campsite
Kevin Callan (the Happy Camper) shows some of the things he looks for in a campsite when he goes canoe camping.
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Video Clip: Start of the 2012 AuSable Canoe Race
Here's a glimpse at the longest non-stop professional canoe race and the oldest continual canoe race in the United States. Canoers race 120 miles taking 14-19 hours to finish. The 66th annual race is July 27-28, 2013 starting in Grayling, Michigan.
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