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International Trips - All Types
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Patagonia (Argentina)
Adventure Sherpas Logo

Departs: Sep, Oct,

Cost: $5295

Length: 13days/12nights

Kayaking - PatagoniaArgentina's Golfo San Jose is the remote, protected bay where the Southern Right whales come every September -- their springtime -- to bear their young. It's a protected area without motor boats, and the paddling is easy because it's all shore paddling. On the pebble beach, 18-foot-long elephant seals roar as they battle over harems, and furry black seal pups sunbathe. This is the wildlife refuge of Peninsula Valdes, in Chubut, Argentina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The huge mammals are easy to see. We can get within 20 feet of the elephant seals, and the sea lions are curious and play near our kayaks, popping up to take a close look at us. We camp along the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the whales blowing.
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Greenland Sea Kayaking Adventures (Greenland)
Black Feather Wilderness Adventures Logo

Skill Level: Intermediate

Departs: Jul, Aug,

Cost: $2,650 - $5,000 US

Length: 14 days

Kayaking - Greenland Sea Kayaking AdventuresGreenland is the ultimate kayak destination. Paddle through steep fjords surrounded by towering mountains - weaving through a maze of ever changing, always moving icebergs. We pitch our tents by ancient tent rings of the Dorset people, wonder at the still standing walls of Viking settlements and stand in the sod and stone foundation of a Thule dwelling. We travel to three of the most beautiful fjord systems in Greenland: southern Greenland, a mix of modern Greenlandic life, beautiful wilderness and the remains of the Viking settlements. In east Greenland we paddle rugged fjords with countless icebergs and visit a few isolated, Greenlandic outports. Further north in Scorsebysund we discover a fjord system - utterly remote with towering mountains, gigantic bergs and the great glacier that covers most of the country. Whales, seals and narwal share the sea ice, while muskox graze the shore.
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Paradise Islands (Belize)
Island Expeditions Co Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $1689

Length: 5 days

Kayaking - Paradise IslandsHere is your chance to kayak, sail, and snorkel the idyllic cayes of the central reef system, with a comfortable bed and shower each night! Our newest adventure on the barrier reef travels from island to island, giving you lots of adventure and great snorkeling while getting a chance to visit some of smaller, lesser known lodges in Belize.
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Baja Kayaking -Ecotours at Its Best (Mexico)
Paddling South Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Kayaking - Baja Kayaking -Ecotours at Its BestChoosing a tour operator in a foreign country is easy when you can be assured of the background and dedication of the guides and owners. Paddling South is Loreto’s oldest adventure outfitter and the best choice for your active-travel vacation. One of the most important tenets of EcoTourism is to have a large percent of your tourist dollar remain in, and support conservation and education projects in the host country. With Paddling South more than 85% remains in Baja. The guide/owners, live year-round in Loreto. In addition to guiding, Jorge and Antonio teach outdoor recreation in the local university. Trudi organizes field trips for local schools with a cultural history focus. That's dedication that no other company can offer.
Thanks for choosing Paddling South!
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Summit to Surf Adventure Safari (Tanzania)
Infinite Safari Adventures Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Dec,

Cost: varies

Length: variable

Kayaking - Summit to Surf Adventure SafariThe Ultimate Adrenaline Adventure! Come to Tanzania, go on a wildlife safari and then climb Mount Kilimanjaro. While savoring that celebratory Kili beer, pack up and get ready to fly to the to the remote, undiscovered yet elegant Fish Eagle Lodge where you will be based for 4 days of kayaking in the beautiful unspoiled sheltered Manza Bay. You will have the opportunity to paddle in the bay, down mangrove rivers, visit local fishing villages and historical points of interestby kayak. This is an adventure with a capital "A"!
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Andean Fjords of Northern Patagonia (Chile)
Altue Sea Kayaking Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb,

Cost: US$1460

Length: 6 days

Kayaking - Andean Fjords of Northern PatagoniaCome join us for an unforgettable Andean sea kayaking adventure in the magnificent fjords of Pumalin Reserve, where wild mountains cliffs soar out of the sea to touch the sky. Hike spectacular glacial valleys with primeval temperate rainforests, and see numerous kinds of marine wildlife. Fish for brown or rainbow trout in the wild crystal rivers of this magical region. Smack your lips over fresh salmon steaks, or steamed shellfish, all prepared by our cook in the miniature galley of our picturesque support vessel. Watch the sunset on the peaks as you relax in natural hot springs. Spread your sleeping bag under the diamond stars of the Southern Cross. Words alone, simply cannot express the unique beauty and variety of this majestic land.
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Mothership kayaking in Patagonia (Chile)
Spirit of the West Logo

Departs: Feb, Mar,

Cost: $4950 CDN (no tax)

Length: 11 Days

Kayaking - Mothership kayaking in PatagoniaWe are not exaggerating when we say this is a trip of a lifetime! Two itineraries highlight many stunning features of this region of Patagonia. On the northern route (Blue Whales, Beaches and Bliss) we explore the Chonos Archipelago and visit recently discovered blue whale foraging grounds. On the southern route (Glaciers and Gauchos (Patagonian cowboys)), visit a remote estancia and paddle among icebergs at the San Rafael Glacier. Explore from the comfort, safety and convenience of an expedition yacht, allowing us to kayak in the best locations possible and to explore vast areas with ease. 11-days all-inclusive from Santiago, includes wine country and city highlights tour and 8 days fully guided and supported kayaking in some of the most remote areas of Patagonia.
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Inn-to-Inn Sea Kayaking, Santorini (Greece)
Northwest Passage Logo

Departs: Jun, Sep,

Cost: $3,650

Length: 8 days/7 nights

Kayaking - Inn-to-Inn Sea Kayaking, SantoriniJoin us on our eight-day, seven-night Santorini Kayaking Tour! Kayak, explore, hike, dine, and relax on this unforgettable Mediterranean adventure! Get your fill of world-class paddling (we'll circumnavigate Santorini and its sister island, Thirassia) along the towering bluffs that line the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, and then get a taste of Santorini's cosmopolitan side: chic boutiques, classic architecture, five-star accommodations and cold drinks on black sand beaches. It's a kayaking adventure and a relaxing island holiday wrapped into one package. Join us and we'll show you the forgotten sides of Santorini like the traditional, tourist-free village of Thirassia, secret paddling playgrounds, and striking sunset hiking trails. Come and be a traveler, not a tourist, as we set to kayak some of the world's finest azure waters!
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Kayak Tours on Laguna Limón (Dominican Republic)
Kayak Limon Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $28+ US

Length: 3-5 hours

Kayaking - Kayak Tours on Laguna LimónKayak Limón is a community based ecotourism project in the eastern province of the Dominican Republic on the Natural Reserve and Wildlife Refuge of Laguna Limón. We offer guided tours that last from 3 to 5 hours with a local guide from the town of Los Guineos. Visitors will be able to observe many species of birds, learn about mangroves, watch traditional fishermen fish on the lagoon, and kayak up to the hidden beach of Playa Limón to enjoy a coconut and a dip in the ocean. All guides have received training in kayaking rescue/assist techniques, first-aid, and are official "Guides of the Environment" as defined by the Dominican Republic Department of Tourism. Food and beverages can be provided during and/or after the tour if given notice.
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Baja Avid Paddler Trips (Mexico)
Paddling South Logo

Skill Level: experienced beg

Departs: Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov,

Cost: $1295 - $1595

Length: 12-14 days

Kayaking - Baja Avid Paddler TripsAvid Paddlers Welcome!
A few trips each season at Paddling South we offer a longer route and longer paddling days for folks who want a great adventure on the coast of Baja. If you have kayaked with us in the past, or want to see more of the pristine paddling areas that the peninsula has to offer, our Avid Paddler trips are run between Mulegé and Loreto or between Loreto and La Paz. Paddling South's owner, Trudi Angell, and friends pioneered these routes in 1976 and 1978. The ten to fourteen day tours cover from 70 to 120 miles along some of the most remote and secluded beaches, punctuated with small fishing villages and historic harbors.
Paddling South organizes the trip – you enjoy the adventure.
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Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland (Greenland)
Southern Sea Ventures Logo

Skill Level: Moderate

Departs: Jul, Aug, Sep,

Cost: from $7055 AUD

Length: 11-14 days

Kayaking - Spitsbergen, Greenland & IcelandThe European Arctic in mid summer is a place of wonder and beauty. Life explodes during the brief summer and sea kayaks are a superb way to view polar bear, walrus, seals, whales, musk ox, reindeer and millions of migratory birds. The island of Spitsbergen provides a stunning backdrop to our day paddles and Greenland is awe inspiring with the largest fjords in the world and panoramic glacial vistas. Using our ship, the Polar Pioneer, as a floating base camp, we paddle at every opportunity, returning for the comfort of meals and our cozy cabins. You'll be a member of a select group, accompanied by a Southern Sea Ventures' dedicated kayak guide ready to share with fellow paddlers the splendor of the Arctic. You may even find yourself kayaking in the middle of the night in the land of the midnight sun!
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Vietnam (Vietnam)
Adventure Sherpas Logo

Departs: Apr, Oct,

Cost: $3,895

Length: 14days/13nights

Kayaking - VietnamVietnam is a country of gentle, friendly people, gorgeous scenery, delectable cuisine, and fascinating adventure. Our trips there have become strong favorites. Hanoi hums with life—from its fresh fruit markets to its exquisite silks to its fine dining and ancient pagodas. On Ha Long Bay, we paddle sea kayaks among the islands, visiting the sea caves, floating villages, and old Buddhist temples. We stay in a 110-foot boat, with hot showers in every cabin and a chef who cooks feasts. We go north to a Tay village where we are guests of the village chief in his house on stilts. We paddle jungle rivers, barter in the markets, and hike in a mountainous state park, as we get to know the warm Vietnamese people.
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Costa Verde SUP (Brazil)
Paraty Explorer Logo

Skill Level: Beg. - Int.

Departs: Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $825 US

Length: 4 day

Kayaking / Canoeing - Costa Verde SUPLooking for a warm water Stand Up Paddling Destination?
The Costa Verde (Green Coast), south of Rio de Janeiro, offers SUP-ers the perfect beach paddling getaway. We spend 3 days paddling tropical islands, mangrove forests and deserted beaches. On this lodge-based trip we spend the first night in the colonial town of Paraty and two nights in the remote Mamangua tropical fjord. We use a support boat to transport us to the best locations along the route and for tired paddlers at the end of the day! So you get to paddle as much or as little as you want each day, with plenty of time for relaxation and other activities like hiking, swimming and observing the local flora and fauna of the Atlantic Rainforest.
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Baja Sea Kayaking at Its Best (Mexico)
Paddling South Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $295-$1495

Length: 3-15 days

Kayaking - Baja Sea Kayaking at Its BestDiscover miles of hidden coves, sparkling blue water, and majestic ridges of the beautiful Baja peninsula! Take your first step towards a great wilderness vacation with the pioneers of Baja kayaking. Well-known as the first and finest adventure travel company in Loreto, Paddling South gives you more than just a tour. Our local staff combine knowledge, skill, and friendly service to make you feel at home on land and sea. Sleep under the stars on a sandy beach, learn our natural-history, and be served excellent meals; all with a priceless view of desert islands and azure bays. Camping in pristine coves and on secluded island beaches, the beautiful Sea of Cortez is a natural paradise for paddlers. Best Value * Fully Catered * or Custom Trips
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Virgin Islands Inn-to-Inn (Virgin Islands)
Arawak Expeditions Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $1995 - $2495/person

Length: 7 days

Kayaking - Virgin Islands Inn-to-Inn - VIFor those who want a variety of exciting activities during the day, but don't want to "rough it," we offer our Virgin Islands Inn-to-Inn Tour. This is a multi-sport tour: featuring sea kayaking, hiking and snorkeling during the day, while staying in charming hotels and inns at night. We begin the trip on St. John, where we spend the first two nights at Coconut Coast Villas. From there, we paddle to Tortola, where we spend two nights in Cane Garden Bay. Then it's on to Jost Van Dyke, where we stay for two nights in a villa above White Bay before paddling back to St. John on our final day.
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Panama - Rivers & Remote Islands (Panama)
SOAR Inflatables Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar,

Cost: $2995

Length: 11 days

Kayaking - Panama - Rivers & Remote IslandsUsing a charming mountain town as our base we will discover an exciting region as renowned for world-class coffee, as it is great region for outdoor enthusiasts. Then we make for the Pacific Coast, and make our home a la Robinson Crusoe on a semi-deserted island where we will be treated to the magic of a marine sancturary dotted with tiny islands. Beach-combing, snorkeling, paddling in mangroves, hiking, fishing and relaxing await you!
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