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Reviews for Flow 116 by Pelican International

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This easy-to-paddle flat-water and light surf SUP is designed for superior stability. Damage-resistant Ram-X™ construction offers exceptional du ...
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 3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: LM on 2015-03-02
Summary: This board is great for a calm day. Stability is easily maintained, even for a first time user. The board would probably best be used on a lake or a calm bay or sound. It is a a better board for a first timer or someone who is unsure of investing a lot of money into a paddle board.

Pros: Provides a good core workout and is easy to transport.
Cons: It is not really made for using when conditions aren't calm, which is too limiting.
Usage: Exercise and touring

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: TCW on 2014-07-14
Summary: I have no regrets starting with this board. It seems to fit my needs. It seems very durable. The price point is great compared to my perceived level of enjoyment from any paddle board.

Pros: The board is very stable from sitting to standing and standing to sitting.
Cons: It is a little heavy but not a problem as it is stored on a pontoon boat.
Usage: Exploring shallow coves at our lake is quite enjoyable.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Mitchell on 2014-07-09
Summary: New to paddle boarding. for beging a beginner I thought it was a great purchase. Got from Dicks. I went for the cheaper side since I never SUP before and just wanted it for the family but its stable pretty easy to carry on roof rack

Pros: Cheaper Stable
Cons: Little Heavy
Usage: I use this just for fooling around the lake.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: sdeltongirl on 2014-06-20
Summary: I bought this board about a month ago. I needed one that could hold a little extra weight. Since Im new to the sport I wanted a cheaper board to start. Also our time to use it is limited in Michigan. So far Ive had a lot of fun on area lakes with minimal waves. The board does have a plug but havent had any leaking yet. Seems to be a fairly stable board, that I can easily change positions on.

Pros: All the handles, bungees on front, durable material, price point, easy to get on, no leaks around screw holes, and that it holds 260 lbs
Cons: Seems very heavy, not easy for one person to move, I wish the center was a little more rigid, its squishy, not real stable in small waves (maybe my fault), not the easiest to steer but Im use to a kayak.
Usage: Used for touring, exercising, just relaxing on the lake

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: SML on 2014-06-06
Summary: Good board for beginners, since this was my first time using a SUP. Tried out a friends and want one of my own. I thought this was stable, easy to use. Paddled on a calm lake, so not sure how it handles in more active conditions.

Pros: Stabiitiy Ease of use Price Color
Usage: Exercise Touring

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Katelyn W on 2014-03-24
Summary: Amazing board for beginners. Great stability, easy to maneuver, perfect for lakes, light surf, and shallow waters/rivers.

Pros: Great stability, flexible fin, safe against rocks/other obstacles in shallower rivers
Cons: Seam along sides is a bit rough, could use one or 2 more fins for better tracking
Usage: I use it all summer for fun on the lakes, exercise, and touring

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