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Reviews for Lopez GL-X2 by Uli Boards

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: LGood on 2014-12-01
Summary: This is a great board for exercise, because you use your paddle a lot since the tracking isn't anywhere close to a hard board. I consider that a plus. it doesn't replace a traditional hard board but it's a lot of fun. Very soft underfoot and a good workout. Can take a beating and you don"t have to worry about dings, etc. Lightweight-ish...28lbs. Nice inflatable.

Pros: Super portable, super durable, doesn't take up much space, even if kept inflated bc it's durable it can be put in any corner on any side without worry of damage,
Cons: Can take awhile to inflate, but this is true for all of the inflatables. Tracking can be a challenge and it's not going to set any speed records but it's not the slowest board on the water either.
Usage: use mostly for excercise
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: seth smith on 2014-07-08
Summary: Great flat water and can run class2-3 ww, pump that come with board doesn't seem to get the board fully rigid.

Pros: Storage is easy, can go from river to lake
Cons: Not that stable
Usage: Whitewater and lake paddling
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