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Reviews for 11-0 Wide Glide Pohaku by C4 Waterman

C4 Waterman 11-0 Wide Glide Pohaku photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: CS on 2014-07-02
Summary: The 11' Pohaku is a seriously fun all-around surfboard. It is a board that you can't outgrow.

Pros: The versatility of this board is unbelievable. It is a lot of fun from the surf to mountain lakes and slow rivers. The surfing hull makes it a blast at the beach in small surf, the fiberglass makes it very light, the length makes it relatively fast, and the overall design makes it very maneuverable.
Cons: All your friends will want to ride it. Beginners take a bit of time getting used to the stability.
Usage: Racing, exercise, surf, touring

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