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Reviews for Kaku SUP12 by Kaku Kayaks

Kaku Kayaks Kaku SUP12 photo3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Candice on 2014-06-20
Summary: I used the Kaku SUP12 as a rental on the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay. It was a fairly windy day with lots of boat traffic (ie, choppy water with wakes). I've been paddle boarding for a little over a year--- normally, I use my own (a Riviera Nugg), but wanted to rent with my husband for the day. It was a relatively smooth ride, really stable in chop, super comfortable (squishy foot pads to stand on), and tracked well with a J-stroke. I did feel like it was difficult to paddle up-river and up-wind--- but that would be true of just about any board.

Pros: -Durable- you could smash this into a rock and it'd be okay - storage hatches - bungees - easy to also use as a sit on top
Cons: - HEAVY-- at 50 lbs, it'd be impossible for me to get this on and off the car easily - takes on water--- as if the board wasn't heavy enough, both of us (my husband and I) took on some serious water while paddling that made getting the boards up on the dock a total nightmare - the deck is below the rails... so you're always standing in water - tracks more like a kayak than a SUP
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