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Reviews for 12' Adventure SUP Board by SUP ATX

SUP ATX 12' Adventure SUP Board photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: gorgesuperclub on 2014-03-28
Summary: Best all around board, it has it all, durable, light, easy to carry, simple for all to paddle.

Pros: Great full traction deck offers comfort and safety for kids and dogs sitting on bow. Easy carry pop up handle so even a 10 yr old can handle the board.
Cons: All boards from EVERY manufacturer should incorporate an integrated eyebolt to enable towing the board for rescue or on water transport and enable multiple boards to be strung together.
Usage: Our standard club board, 10 of them survived a hard season of use from 75 members who paddled them every day for 4 months. They were loaded and transported every day, and launched multiple times each day without a single crack, ding, gouge, or torn decking. Used for yoga class, kids parties, and all around touring and even downwind riding in 25 mph winds.

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