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Designed with convenience, durability and functionality in mind, XTERRA Boards are a step above the competition. With dimensions that measure 10' long ...
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 5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: RC on 2014-04-07
Summary: Obtained this board on sale.... very nice! It was just what I needed to travel and continue the passion of SUP. It is light and small enough to carry on board an aircraft, sets up quickly at the water, and performs as expected.

Pros: The pad makes for great maneuverability. 5.5" thick is perfect to hold my weight, but still allows for good performance.
Cons: The patch on the bottom creates drag.
Usage: Exploring, exercise, and fun!

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: KC on 2014-04-03
Summary: I have been using SUPs for yoga and wanted one to take on vacation. This board was my solution. Weighing in at only 28 lbs. it is very portable and packable. This board is quite stable. I was surprised at how firm it is when inflated. The deck allows for a broad area on which to perform various yoga positions, with little fear of slipping off. The bungees are well placed and allow for the perfect amount of gear to be stored when venturing off. I'm interested in Xterra's newest SUP that is longer, for trying out in more challenging water conditions.

Pros: It's quite stable and firm. The last few pumps to inflate take a bit more effort, allowing this SUP to be near quality of a rigid board.
Cons: I'd be nice to have a seat installation for using in other applications.
Usage: Use it for on water yoga, for core exercises, and for pleasure activities.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: kc on 2014-03-28
Summary: fantastic purchase, brought it from Xterra on an amazing sale...we have limited storage so an inflatable is a good option and we are so glad we did. Easy to inflate, though last few pumps take some effort depending how strong you are. Great quality, love the front and rear rings (nice and strong)and bungee. Easy to carry with the built in handle. Absolutely solid when inflated and Ive driven with it on my roofrack with no problems. they are releasing a touring version, 12'6 so we are also hoping to purchase one of those due to quality of this one

Pros: great price, looks good, easy to use (its an all round board so doesn't track as straight as a touring board) very nice carrying backpack
Cons: the paddle is quite heavy, but i will keep it for my kids to use and buy myself a more expensive one, but perfect for having fun with and not worrying about damage. for some reason they have placed a large rubber "xterra" patch under the nose of board (same as pictured on top of board) not sure why, it seems a silly placement as Im sure it must cause slight drag...not that im good enough to worry about that for now
Usage: paddling lakes, san fran bay (calm water) rivers, kids playing

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: AE on 2014-03-25
Summary: Always wanted a SUP but didn't have the space or even want to hassle with trasporting. So we bougth two xterra inflatable SUP and they work great. Kids love them and cant get enough.

Pros: Inflatable, easy to transport and easy and fast to set up.
Cons: I would say the two part paddle kind of twists a little.
Usage: It is great on flat water and a great work out.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Gary Houston on 2013-12-29
Summary: Just received my inflatable boards...bought two, immediately tried on flat water, good package overall. Easy to unpack, inflate and repack. Have 11 foot hard board with single fin and 4 years of SUP experience, but wanted portability of inflatable. Three fin design is not as fast, but handles well and was very stable. Read about and studied all different inflatable packages available online, this was the best package for the price. Very happy and highly recommend!

Pros: Great package, complete and easy to use. Carrying bag is high end and everything fits. Main fin fits easily, but I used in cold weather, so I had to warm up bracket with hair dryer first to soften up so it would slide in easier after being rolled up. Like the deck pad, good grip and comfortable. Pumps easy, and inflates rock hard.
Cons: Two piece paddle is okay, preferred my regular one, but will use it when traveling. Don't like the logo pad on bottom on board, it's raised and could create some drag when paddling.
Usage: Used on flat water, will use on surf soon and will update results.

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