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Reviews for NRS Baron 4 SUP Board by NRS

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Long, wide and built to glide, the NRS Baron 4 is the board of choice for paddlers seeking smooth cruising on rivers, lakes and bays. The big, stable ...
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 4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Dschmit39 on 2014-05-30
Summary: I've had the opportunity to use the NRS Baron 4 on many occasions and have been surprised at how well it supported me as a paddler that is over 250lbs. the sizing for the boards recommends the Baron 6 which I ultimately went with but I have had no problems using the Baron 4. The Baron 4 has performed excellent on lakes and rivers alike, is very stable and is durable. As always i've been very impressed by NRS's equipment.

Pros: Durable Stable Good Performance Great for yoga.
Usage: Lake touring, light rivers, yoga

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Michael on 2014-03-28
Summary: I can honestly say that without this board, I may have never become a stand up paddler. I had tried two other boards in slightly ocean conditions and never stood for more than three seconds at a time. Then I got ahold of this board and put it down on a calm mountain lake. The thrill of finally standing was matched only by the burning of my metatarsal muscles and fibers which were over correcting 100 times per second. When I finally relaxed, I was in heaven. This board is extremely stable for even a big guy like me. Thank you NRS for making me a SUP fan!

Pros: Wide, stable and perfect for bigger beginner paddlers who fall over easily. Despite its size, it's more maneuverable than you would think.
Cons: This is not a race board, so it's not the fastest board you'll try. That said, nobody expects to with Battle of the Paddle with this board.
Usage: Learning to SUP, touring, practicing maneuvers.



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