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Reviews for SUPerFISHAL by Jackson Kayak

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Our fishing SUP was designed with fishing in mind! This SUP is stable, straight tracking and set up for the fishing enthusiast. Features like screw i ...
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 4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: mike13 on 2014-12-23
Summary: While on vacation in Florida last summer I had the opportunity to try out the Jackson superfishal. my friend had two of them and we took them out for an afternoon on the bay. my friend/ owner really likes this board. I found it suitably stable for a novice boarder. the only draw back was it seamed a bit heavy to me.

Pros: stability
Cons: weight
Usage: recreational

2 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: MD on 2014-09-02
Summary: Extremely Durable but otherwise un-awesome. If you're looking for something to abuse, this may be it. I bought mine to go marsh, river and saltwater fishing. I found it to be REALLLY slow, heavy and hard to maneuver compared to other SUPs. It's extremely buoyant and durable and is rigged well for fishing, but I couldn't stand being left by my buddies on other hard boards that weren't rotomolded. If you're looking for versatility, I would recommend going with an inflatable. I sold this board after using it for one season. When I contacted Jackson about how slow it was and how it wouldn't track straight to save your life they acted like they never heard of such things and didn't care that I was extremely unsatisfied. This board has one real use, paddling down river (with the current). Other than that, it's horrible if you've been on other boards and are used to paddling at any rate of speed and going straight. I bought a TOWER 14 foot iSUP and then a BOTE Drift inflatable fisher. Both were lightyears ahead of this board and durable enough for what I need. I'm giving this board 2 stars because it's good for SOMETHING (rivers) and that's being generous. I HATED it.

Pros: Durability, Buoyancy, Capacity, Already rigged to fish
Cons: HEAVY, doesn't track straight, SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWW
Usage: Fishing in lakes, salt water, fresh water and rivers

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: TLE on 2014-07-14
Summary: For the money great versatility primarily was to be used for all types of fishing fly fishing and bass fishing but see the future will include river exploration camping so much more

Pros: stability and durability value
Cons: non yet
Usage: fishing touring

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: pamela on 2014-06-17
Summary: I was able to try this sup recently. The padded deck is super soft for kneeling and standing. It was stable and has lots of storage spaces. I struggled to paddle due to poor tracking. I was all over the place and felt frustrated.

Pros: Super soft pads for kneeling and standing,stable
Cons: Poor tracking,heavy
Usage: Lake recreation

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: karen on 2014-06-16
Summary: I had an opportunity to try this board as a demo recently. First of all it was very stable and comfortable. Also it had a lot of places for storing your stuff. However,Jackson did not bother to put fins on it for the demo causing it to fish tail with every stroke. Not good. I can only review it like it tracked when I tested it.

Pros: Comfort stability storage
Cons: Heavy ,poor tracking
Usage: Lake

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: David on 2014-03-19
Summary: I like the added features. Idea for fly fishing.

Pros: Added storage with tie downs.
Cons: N/a
Usage: Fishing

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Ryan Jones on 2013-03-22
Summary: I love this SUP!!! Such a blast to paddle, fish and play, and you can't find a more bombproof SUP for your buck. Roto-milled and capable of carrying 350 lbs, anyone can have fun on this. The front deck attachment has a place for your water bottle, paddle holder at about a 35 degree angle, 2 fishing rod protectors, bungees and straps for whatever you want to store on the front. I personally keep a large tackle bag with rod holders on the front held down by the bungees for trolling. There are brass inserts in 6 places on the SUP for ram mounts, camera mounts, fishing rod holders and comes with a GoPro mount. On the rear of the SUP you will find more straps for an ice chest or other gear plus bungees to hold your fishing rods or paddle. The new foam membrane covering almost the entire walking surface of the board is firm and comfortable for long periods of standing. Speaking of standing, the stability of this SUP is magnificent!! You can literally stand on the edge with your feet hanging halfway over and the SUP will not turn over, though you may lose your balance and fall LOL. Jackson used the pontoon design and scupper ports like they do on their other fishing kayaks to help balance speed, support and stability as there is no foam inside the hull. And if you are looking for speed, this SUP may not be your exact cup of tea due to weighing 69 lbs. For tracking, there are 2 removable fins underneath that work fairly well. If you get tired of standing, feel free to sit, kneel or sit on an ice chest to paddle without worry of tipping. I have comfortably fished on this multiple times and have yet to fall even while fighting a 5+lb largemouth bass this past week. I live on the windy, flatwaters of Oklahoma so I have yet to try it for its other ratings of being ocean worthy and able to handle class 3 rapids. But I can see it handling those challenges with ease. I purchased this SUP having in mind that I wanted to be able to pond hop, fish, play, take the girlfriend out for a picnic on the water and be able to have my dog enjoy my adventures along side me and it has met all my expectations with ease! Great exercise too!!

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