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Reviews for Touring 12' 6" by Starboard SUP

This board has been discontinued. See current boards from Starboard SUP.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Robert Love on 2014-12-11
Summary: I have bought a 12'6 Starboard from black creek out fitters last year and pattle every week. Two to three days a week. In the st. Johns river. I just started to train my dog buddy to pattle with me . We have met many great people sharing tips on how to become better pattle boarder. Have taken several classes also. Thank you for the chance to win and learn more about sup.

Pros: Its a great work out. My dog and i love it.
Cons: Nothing :0)
Usage: Touring, exercise, enjoying the water and meeting new people.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Phil Cathey on 2013-02-25
Summary: I'm in my first year of SUPing daily and I bought the 12' 6" x 30" Touring Brushed Carbon recently and what a great board, nice and light at 26.5 lb's ( at the shop) and with a Spitfire fin it tracks straight beautifully at more than 50 strokes a side easily even in a stiff cross breeze , the concave bottom helps lots with tracking and it turns easily going slow with the Spitfire fin. I caught my first boat wake 1 ft and loved the long glide, can't wait to catch 2 or 3 ft wave at the Oregon coast. The down wind glide is really fun and stable with my 6' tall and 195 lbs and probably can handle lots of touring gear with all it's strap attachments. At 63 years young and living on our sailing catamaran paddling has become my daily exercise between 2 and 4 miles everyday rain, snow, breaking ice, sun, 110 F sun and on the cold 39-70 F water of the Columbia River so a very stable board is life and death and this board is very stable. My wife picks up her 12'6"x 30" Touring, Red color next week she is very excited.

Pros: I love the non skid finish, great traction aft of the pad,
Cons: none
Usage: all round board, exercise, touring, casing marina ducks, and having fun in my retirement

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