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Reviews for Kai 10 by Creed SUP Inc.

Creed SUP Inc. Kai 10  photoCreed SUP Inc. Kai 10  photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: yerba1 on 2014-11-19
Summary: Less than 25 lbs with a built in handle - are you kidding me? Any one that's carried a board in the 10 foot or larger range knows that it's not easy. Even after you get it into a gear bag, you still maneuver in cartoon fashion. However, the KAI is a dream to transport. But, let's talk about fun on the water. We first rode them in Oceanside - somewhat self conscience because we were within sight of our favorite fish taco restaurant in San Diego County. We did great - we had to dodge some kids in sailboats - but the lightweight nature of the board wasn't a stability issue in the harbor. Imagine my wife's delight when she visited with friends at a very rustic cabin at Hegben Lake - near West Yellowstone - and found two Kai's - same beautiful designs - owned by her hosts - and available for use on a nearly deserted lake! I've not yet heard the end of it...

Pros: Size, Weight, Design, and confidence factor for novice riders. Much easier to transport than our current water toys (jet skis, and 16 foot fiberglass canoe). They have been at our friend's cabin for two years - and everyone that's used them has loved them.
Cons: 17 hour drive to San Diego County - and practice time to be able to enjoy the break at San Elijo. I've seen others priced much higher - but it's still an investment. I'm a tad heavier than what the Kai likes - Creed makes a 12' big guy board that I'd buy, while my wife would have to settle for the Kai! Nothing is wrong with this board.
Usage: Strictly play - I couldn't call it exercise because it was 100% fun.
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Peter Thomas on 2014-01-07
Summary: I have been paddling for 5 years cruising the ocean for 4 years , surfing one and a half years.I found Creedsup online while looking for an affordable board that was good for cruising and surfing. I liked the feedback I read from their customers and the feel of their site.Talked to their c.s.rep. who was friendly and knowledgable.Bought mine 10/22/13.

Pros: The Kai 10' is a good all around board for cruising and surfing.It is quite stable w/out being too wide.It maneuvers quite well,responding easily to any type of turn.It surfs well.It is e easy to get into a wave.The rocker makes it hard to pearl the nose which is good.
Cons: The finish is little less scratch resistant that I would like.The board is not super strong,I have cracked it twice.
Usage: Cruising the coast and surfing.
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