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Reviews for Kai 10 by Creed SUP Inc.

Creed SUP Inc. Kai 10  photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Peter Thomas on 2014-01-07
Summary: I have been paddling for 5 years cruising the ocean for 4 years , surfing one and a half years.I found Creedsup online while looking for an affordable board that was good for cruising and surfing. I liked the feedback I read from their customers and the feel of their site.Talked to their c.s.rep. who was friendly and knowledgable.Bought mine 10/22/13.

Pros: The Kai 10' is a good all around board for cruising and surfing.It is quite stable w/out being too wide.It maneuvers quite well,responding easily to any type of turn.It surfs well.It is e easy to get into a wave.The rocker makes it hard to pearl the nose which is good.
Cons: The finish is little less scratch resistant that I would like.The board is not super strong,I have cracked it twice.
Usage: Cruising the coast and surfing.

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