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Reviews for Red 12'6" Race by Red Paddle Co.

Red Paddle Co. Red 12'6

The Red Race will amaze you, this board means business. A stripped down racing thoroughbred. Weight is saved by having deck grip in only the most esse ...
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 4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: steve on 2014-07-19
Summary: Great gliding board, easy to transport as is inflatable. easy to balance with kids on it comfortably capable of surfing as well. Great all round board.

Pros: Easy beginner racer all round board.
Cons: Haven't found anything yet.
Usage: Racing , touring, exercise, surf.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: juliankidd on 2014-04-03
Summary: In the chop, the board handled quite well. No noticeable flex and was very stable. The breeze was nudging the nose around so once I found the ideal standing position, a balance between keeping the nose down for tracking but not plowing into every wave, it just up and went like a rocket. My feet were in line with the carry handle. The next session on glassy flat water was a real eye opener. Itís been a while since Iíve ridden a board this fast. Holy cow, this thing flies. I adjusted my footing forward a little for the mirror ocean surface. This kept the nose just kissing the surface while eliminating all tail drag. The glide was exceptional and the tracking from the nose runner fin and large tail fin was keeping the board straight and true for upwards of double my normal paddle strokes per side. It plain and simple hauls ass! I touched on this in earlier reviews regarding inflatable SUP thickness and the resultant roundish rail shape due to thickness. I find the thicker the board, the rounder the rails. On occasion I find that rounder rails have a more vague feeling in rougher conditions but that also creates a huge forgiving zone for board stability. The Red Paddle Co 12í6″ Race is no exception that while the board is thick for rigidity with rounder rails, it is surprisingly forgiving and stable. Like a numpty though, I fell off once, but only due to the exceptional tracking of the board. I was expecting it to go one way but it tracked so straight and was so stable, I overcompensated for the chop and fell off!

Pros: Incredible speed and tracking Super rigid Comfortable EVA deck and inflatable construction Nose runner fin and removable or interchangeable US box style fin Packs down into a wheeled travel bag Bombproof inflatable construction Cheaper than a carbon race board
Cons: It's a long board and gets pushed about by the wind and chop a little. (I ride on a usually not flat ocean). Not a brilliant wave rider Fraction heavier than a carbon race board
Usage: Cruising, tootling about.

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Garin Toren on 2014-03-28
Summary: Solid iSup. Needs a few tweaks and has some stability issues but all round a great board.

Pros: Very easy and quick to inflate. Very rigid. Comfortable backpack.
Cons: Quite tippy even when inflated to 18 psi. Nose can be sharper to avoid 'flapping' when paddling into the wind. Standing area pad could be wider to avoid standing on the edges.
Usage: Exercise

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