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Reviews for Red Ten - Surfer by Red Paddle Co.

Red Paddle Co. Red Ten - Surfer photoRed Paddle Co. Red Ten - Surfer photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: juliankidd on 2014-03-12
Summary: Note that this a review from a dealer of this board. This is a great board. The thinner construction to the 10'6? gives a more planted feel and better traction on a wave face. With the RSS battens and high denisty drop stitch pumped up to 20PSI, it really gives you a solid, basically hard board ride. For general cruising or larger riders, it is on the smaller size, but this is true for any 10ft board on the market today. As the inflatables become better known for having comparable performance characteristics to a hard board, you should expect to see more of them at your local spot!

Pros: The bulk of the paddling for this review was on our local river. There was a bit of wind and some chop but on a whole it was pretty flat. It cruised well, was rather stable and had no notable flex. The EVA deck was very comfortable and grippy under foot and of course the inflatable body provided some extra comfort. On my hard board surf SUP, my feet are always falling asleep, however on the inflatable (my go to board for everything but big waves is the 10í6″ Ride) I never have any trouble. Even on longer paddles. The iFin 3 fin thruster set up gave it decent tracking on the flats and good grip on the wave. Red Paddle Co have a standard iFin size so you have noticeably more grip on this board than the 10í6″. The fins are super tough and will bounce off anything. Great for the logs I hit in the river! That goes for the inflatable construction all over. Bombproof, ding proof rails and boards are a god send to anyone who paddles on a river, has kids or is generally tough on gear. This board is only 3.93″ thick which is similar to many hard boards so itís right on the money for performance. Youíve probably seen other inflatables on the market which look about 8″ thick and only pump to 11PSI. If you gave this board to someone and didnít tell them it was inflatable, the only giveaway would be the valve in the tail, it feels that good.
Cons: It's a little low on volume and therefore load carrying capacity is down but that's about it.
Usage: General cruising, small waves.
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