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Reviews for Orca by Jimmy Styks

Jimmy Styks Orca photoJimmy Styks Orca photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Tyler on 2015-04-27
Summary: Great board for the price. Board this board for $500 to have a second board to loan to guests.. It now one of 4 boards I own, I find it tracks well and easily holds my weight. Only issue is the softtop is not as soft and is more slippery as the padding on a real hard board, I am thinking about adding padding. Does everything pretty good, just not super fast.. Overall a decent option as second board and a pretty good ride in most conditions..

Pros: Lightweight (24lb) Very bouyant
Cons: Soft top a little slippery No deckpad Easily dent by car straps...
Usage: Exercise and touring...
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3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Ben on 2014-06-04
Summary: Easy board to master works ok in light surf but im ready for a real board but have no $ to get one also soft top boards are not very. Durable! !

Pros: Light weight
Cons: Not very. Durable
Usage: I like to paddle surf but the board seems inadequate for my needs.
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