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Reviews for Touring by Kitson Boards, LLC

Kitson Boards, LLC Touring photo2 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: jk on 2014-01-12
Summary: Not quite what I expected. As with the other reviews I ordered in May and got board at the end of August after initially being told 3-4 weeks! I too was told "another week" several times. The surface of the board had some scratches and lots of dimples and imperfections on the surface. It looks like a factory second. My thinking is that they only use a minimum of resin which saves weight. Although the board looks crude it is fast and very stable.

Pros: It is fast and stable and reasonably light for a 14' board
Cons: Crude finish, cost
Usage: excercise and touring

1 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Calvin on 2013-10-07
Summary: I ordered the Touring after 6 weeks still have not seen any shipping as the company posted up to 4 weeks, talked to Mike the owner a couple of times on his cell, he seems to be a nice guy, don't know why this company start falling apart by their bad reputation. I already file a dispute with my credit card company. My business ends here forever with this company.

Pros: Great communication with the owner when taking order, but no reputation on time for the order, not sure about the quality.
Cons: very bad reputation. Does not keep up with their promises.
Usage: touring

1 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: R c on 2013-09-16
Summary: I ordered an MT 30 . On my receipt it state' s. " ships in under 3 weeks ". I have waited 9 weeks ,! When you call to get a status on your board they add a week , I can understand but don't give me an attitude like your doing me a favor . When I ordered, I talk to Mr Kitson . he didn't know what kind of hull he was selling ask him if it was a displacement hull didn't have the slightest idea what I asked . I should have listen to my little voice hang up hang up ! Know I'am tring to get a refund on a board I never got . No answer !

Pros: None
Usage: Can't ,never got the board

1 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: JD on 2013-06-22
Summary: i'm not surprised by the review with problems. i know all about this company. this is a local Washington company that sells wine racks. there have been a bunch of articles about how they decided to get into building boards. their whole staff is from the wine business. the local word is that they're a big time marketing company that don't have a clue about how to design boards. the designer is the guy who designs their custom wine racks. he doesn't have any board experience. after testing one there was no way i'd ever buy it. i know a lot of people who've tested these boards and they all agree that theyre not worth buying. most of what i've heard is that they are poor quality and the design is old. the one i tried was junk. i don't know anyone who has tested one of these and actually bought it. they're considered a joke around here and we've all been wondering how long it will take before they go out of business. until they hire a real designer and builder i woundnt touch one.

Pros: nothing
Cons: everything
Usage: tested one and it was bad

1 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jeffrey Larson on 2013-06-21
Summary: I purchased a 12' 6" Kitson Touring Paddle board last fall. The item was poorly packaged and arrived covered in scratches. I was disappointed when I took a good look at the board and saw how wavy the planes were, and how crudely the deck pad had been cut. It looked like someone built this in their garage. The first time I took it out the deck pad started bubbling and peeling off and water was leaking in around the center hole of the board. It took several emails to receive a response from the company, which was, basically, to remove the deck pad. Their representative stated that a lot of people were removing the pad. The performance of the board was poor as well. It's extremely unstable for a Touring board. I also own a 12' 6" Bark race board and it's much more stable than the Kitson board. I have half a dozen experienced paddleboarding friends and they all commented on how unstable the board was. The carbon fiber began delaminating after about the second or third time out. It wasn't distorting, but I could feel the skin move when I pushed against it. I'm not sure if this was caused by poor layup or the water that was leaking in around the center hole. On my last ride I could visually see water bubbling out from around the center hole, so instead of immediately putting it back in the bag, I left the board leaning against a tree, in partial sun, in an attempt to drain as much water as possible. An hour later I noticed the entire skin was deforming. Granted it was a 90 degree day, but there were several other boards laying out (Brockfish, Endless SUP & a couple entry level boards), some in more sun, but none of those had any issues. I've emailed the company multiple times & called. Their customer service is virtually non-existent. In my experience, they generally just don't respond. Calling didn't work either. I called to order an additional fin and provided my credit card information and everything, but never received the fin or any other correspondence from the company. In conclusion, I would not recommend a Kitson Board to anybody. The design & quality of construction are dated and poor. Their claims of the carbon fiber being more durable than fiberglass is ridiculous and the black color is a magnet for delamination problems. Scientifically, carbon is stronger than fiberglass, but the poor construction of their boards lends it to be much less so. I got 6-8 rides on this board and now it's complete junk. This is the worst board I've ever been on.

Pros: Lightweight
Cons: Poor design Poor construction Extremely fragile-This is not more durable than a fiberglass model Dark color is extremely prone to sun delamination
Usage: I'm not sure what this is designed for. While Kitson markets this as a touring board, is significantly less stable then my Bark race board. The carbon fiber might look cool hanging on a wall, if you're lucky enough to get a well-made board.

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