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Reviews for Red 10'8" Ride by Red Paddle Co.

Red Paddle Co. Red 10'8

It was a huge technical challenge to design an inflatable that could work with this width and volume, but we've cracked it! Thanks to the unique Red A ...
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 5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Philip on 2014-04-07
Summary: Really good all round usage, happy on lake, canal, river and sea, and fits in the boot of the Benz. It's very maneuverable, easy to stick on a wave and is super buoyant.

Pros: As it's a Redpaddle it's inflatable which means it's also deflatable so goes in my car, no need for roof racks, it can hold a shed load of gear on it, and as a bigger guy (90kg+) it has no problems holding my weight in all conditions.
Cons: It does sit a bit lower in the water than other Redpaddle boards so it's impossible to keep your feet dry even on glass.
Usage: I use it mainly on the lake and canal for exercise and general keeping in shape, but I do take it surfing over summer which it handles really well. It also gets used in the garden to lay on when the wife won't get out of my hammock.



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