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Reviews for ACE-TEC WING Touring 12'6 by BIC SUP

BIC SUP ACE-TEC WING Touring 12'6  photo

The new 12'6 WING is a Touring SUP designed for fitness paddling, riding on flat water or open ocean touring, and recreational racing. It's aimed at r ...
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 4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: AJS on 2015-01-05
Summary: This board is all that the manufactures say it is. It's stable, fast and handles chop with it's displacement hull design. I did lots of reviews and was happy I settled on this stand up paddleboard!

Pros: Built to last....Takes hits and doesn't have any dings.. built like a tank....
Cons: Along with the durability comes the need for weight. Printing is starting to peel off. Wish it would have been laminated.
Usage: Exercise and touring and lite non pro racing.....

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Steven on 2014-10-10
Summary: Bought this board without even trying it, it was better then expected. I am 5'9" thought this board might be on the large side but it is perfect for me. Great for long distance touring on rivers, lakes and reservoirs. It is actually a fast board, can get some real speed in good conditions. Very stable in bad conditions.

Pros: stability, speed and durability
Cons: a little heavy
Usage: touring, long distance

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Nicole F on 2014-07-16
Summary: One of the best boards to ride on. The narrow front allows you to cut threw almost any wave. Very sturdy board to balance on and have control over. Over all very nice board.

Pros: Easy to balance, fast, and easy to control.
Cons: I do not have any cons.
Usage: For recreational uses mostly. I hope to soon be racing/touring.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jay F on 2014-07-03
Summary: Demoed the 12'6 ace tec wing and really liked it. I'm new to SUP but It tracks straight and seamed fast to me. Room and places to strap down a bag or ice chest etc which is a big plus for me. Wish I could afford one right now!

Pros: Light, durable, looks good
Cons: Can't think of any except SUPs overall can be expensive
Usage: Fishing, touring

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: bvalinski on 2014-07-01
Summary: The perfect next board. This will be my third board.....and the first time I can say that I absolutely LOVE one! My first board was a plastic one that I bought for fun.....when I discovered that I really liked SUP, I purchased a beginner glass board at the suggestion of a sales rep at a paddle show. I guess they thought that because I was in my mid-50's I needed something wide and slow. Unfortunately I outgrew that quickly. The Ace-Tec Wing really makes paddling much more's plenty stable for a 190 pound man....and it handles slight chop way better than a standard shaped flat bottomed board. This is the board that I will use for many years.

Pros: Stable, good glide, pointed bow cuts through chop.....also has great weight capacity. Easy to paddle fast board.
Cons: Hard to store a board this length
Usage: Exercise, touring, and lounging.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: dmodifiedstock on 2014-06-20
Summary: I am completely satisfied with the ACE-TEC WING. It is my first ever SUP and while maybe not my last, I think I will get years of enjoyment out of it. After kayaking and canoeing for many years, the allure of stand up paddling gave me the bug to give it a try. Old dogs can learn new tricks. And of all the boards that I tried out, the BIC Ace-Tech gave me a great sense of initial stability and after using it for a while I came to appreciate the secondary stability as well. I live in Upstate NY and the ocean is a few hundred miles away. But, some of our wind whipped lakes in the Adirondacks can make mini whitecaps appear on a clear blue sky day. Couple that with wakes created by powerboats and the irregular wave patterns that are created make for a bumpy ride at times. But the ACE-TEC gives me a good solid feel under my feet. The glide seems to be efficient on flat/calm water and I cover a lot of 'ground' in short time. While it does seem a bit bulky and cumbersome, that trade off for stability is worth it to me. Pricing seemed fair.

Pros: Initial and Secondary Stability
Cons: Balance point at the carry handle seems off a bit.
Usage: I use this boat for exercise and touring. I would like to enter in some novice racing with no expectation of outdoing those on faster boards.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Ben Tabbal on 2014-06-01
Summary: After trying out a SUP lesson I had to get a board to learn on. I picked this one because of the great reviews. It even won the Outside Magazine's Gear of the Year. Wanted to get a board I could learn on and not get tired of after learning some basic skills. Started on my knees, to standing up, and now doing some light open ocean touring. Able to get a great workout on my own or take my daughter on a tour to see some dophins and sea lions.

Pros: 1) Stable design for a touring board. 2) Built like a tank - sturdy, exceptional well constructed. 3) Versatile for everyone in the family. 4) Can be used from flat water lakes to open ocean water...small chop. 5) Easy to learn on and great board to practice new skills. 6) Bic stands behind their product....I don't work for them but had great experience with customer care.
Cons: 1) Carry hole seems a bit displaced. Front end heavy. 2) Feels heavy. 3o lb. and 12'6" means you need to learn to carry the board. 3) Not for heavy chop in open ocean. Know its not designed for it but wished it handled it better.
Usage: -Race with some friends - It glides well but don't expect to win any races against the pro race boards. - Great exercise paddle board to practice your stoke or turning technique. Lost a few pounds and improved my core strength. - Great touring board around a lake, harbor, or close to shore touring in the ocean. -Did I mention it's built like a tank. You could invade the front castle gate and use it as a hammering ram and it wouldn't break. Not that I would try but It's a solid board.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: SLA on 2014-05-28
Summary: A relatively fast flat water, touring, racing board.

Pros: stable and super-durable. Easy to learn on accelerates easily and tracks straight
Cons: not the most beautiful construction but looks aren't everything.
Usage: touring on flat rivers and ponds

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: wet2bfit on 2014-05-24
Summary: I have used this board (my 1st SUP) one season without any complaints. I am 6'1", 195. At 12'6" and 30" wide it is a stable platform until heavy wind side chop - still doable but demanding more focus. Not the fastest board on the lake probably due to 34 lb. weight and 30" width but durability and stability are the benefits. Smaller version available from BIC for lighter weight paddlers.

Pros: Durability, stability, nice looking board, easy to car top if you can handle 34 lbs., would recommend it for what it is intended for.
Cons: Too heavy, 12"6" length is hard to store: all nit picks and trade offs because one knows it at purchase.
Usage: Raced once (2nd place out of two entries, beaten by a younger motor). Main use is touring local lakes on premium days.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Ethan on 2014-04-15
Summary: Great all around board even in the Rockies!

Pros: Stability
Cons: I couldn't keep my lab on the board for very long!
Usage: Seeing the mountains. Running camp to camp to see my freinds

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: lf on 2014-04-05
Summary: great all around touring board- bomber construction! quick and responsive

Pros: indistructable
Cons: bit on the heavy side- i would not use it in an open category for racing
Usage: tour- training- guiding

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Pete on 2014-04-02
Summary: I've owned this board for two years now and it works perfectly for what it is supposed to be, an all (nearly indestructible) around touring board.

Pros: Tracks well, goes fast, (as long as you are providing it with steady power) takes a beating and for a touring board you can still surf it a bit.
Cons: Heavy, doesn't downwind very well (it's very hard to keep it on glide unless you are continually powering it)
Usage: Mostly for exercise on flat days, a little bit of downwinding when the conditions allow.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Chris on 2014-03-28
Summary: The Bic Wing 12'6 is a good around board for touring and racing. It has a thin plastic shell that makes it durable. The board is stable in the chop and fast in the flats. You can be rough on it and not worry about it. This board would be good for all around paddling and touring. Much more durable than a race board, not that much slower. If you have kids, are rough on your stuff, and still want a board you can beat the pack in, the wing is your board. The cons, it's a Bic. Not as sexy as a 404 or a SIC board, but not as fragile. Think of it as a Honda or a Huffy. Not as sleek as a vette, but it will serve its purpose and do it well. Think of the Bic Wing as your everyday board. It's priced good and paddles great.

Pros: Good board at a great price
Cons: Not as sexy as some other board makers.
Usage: Touring, race

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: TL on 2014-03-28
Summary: After demoing many different paddleboards over the last couple of years and owning a fiberglass(brittle) and a polyethylene(very heavy) that both had their good and bad features I ending up selling those boards and buying this Bic Ace Tec wing 12.6. It has all the great features of a real deal SUP with a thermoformed tough skin to keep it from getting damaged. I simply strap it down in the back of my truck with a T-bone hitch extender and it shows no damage or wear on the board.

Pros: Very stable, great volume to float big paddlers, good glide, great recurved carry handle, very very durable, lots of bungee attachments, tracks great, feels lighter than claimed weight, big enough to carry a child or dog with the paddler
Cons: The price is high but all good paddleboards are but otherwise it's awesome
Usage: Exercise and fun exploring any waterway I can , lakes, rivers ocean, canals, intercoastal ect.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Joe Henry on 2014-03-23
Summary: At 12'6" and 30" wide with a recessed deck this board is stable. Shaped with a displacement hull this board moves right along. Not just a "race board", this board has five tie down points to add carrying capacity.

Pros: Great price for a displacement hull, Ace-tec makes it reasonable light but also very durable. Good for the recreational racer or as a pretty fast touring board.
Cons: Deck pad is a little harsh, the "Edge guard" or "Rail bumper" makes the board look cheap.
Usage: Racing, Exercise, Touring

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jessica on 2014-03-19
Summary: This is a fantastic board from beginner to advanced. It significantly changed the way I paddled from the moment I stepped on it. I absolutely love this board and would recommend this to anyone!

Pros: The ability to cut through waves and the stability
Cons: I would like more colors.
Usage: Touring and exercise mainly

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Stephan on 2013-07-21
Summary: Great board, stabile, and super durable. Great price. My second sup and i love it.

Pros: Durable, fast, stable, even does a wave quite well for a displacement board.
Cons: Tiny bit heavier than classic fiber glass but the durability of the outer shell is well worth it.
Usage: Racing , touring fitness

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