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Reviews for 11' Meli'a by Smooth SUP

Smooth SUP 11' Meli'a photoSmooth SUP 11' Meli'a photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lou Marinaccio on 2014-04-30
Summary: As a long time stand up paddler on the Great Lakes I have tried many boards of all shapes and sizes so when a friend brought over a Smooth Meli'a to try out I was excited and skeptical at the same time. As it turns out Smooth is a great name for this board, because it was smooth. Feeling a little tippy at first,a couple quick strokes and the board jumps up to a steady glide, the tippy-ness is gone and you are off on a smooth ride. This board tracks amazingly well, one of the best tracking I have tried. My wife did a few pivot turns and the board turned quickly with great stability. She also thinks it will be a fine yoga/ fitness board. The 11 ft length and 30 in. width along with a volume of 171 litres made for a nice stable platform for a big guy(200+lbs) like me.I found a sweet spot just behind the carry handle for a stable ride and optimum glide. We need to try it out in some waves, but I think it will be a good board to help the rider catch some small fun waves. This is one of the nicest boards we have paddled. Marketed as a low-cost ( under $1000) entry-level board, I don't think the average paddler would be able to tell the difference between this and boards for twice the cost.The cost also includes a very nice paddle,(and I am a paddle snob) which is not the case with boards in the same price range. If the whole Smooth line paddles as well as this board, you can't go wrong, and you will not go wrong with this package, if you are looking for a board for the family to play on, or a board to get your significant other out on the water this would be one Smooth move.

Pros: Cost, the paddle, glide. tracking, comfortable padded deck, great family/extra board.
Cons: a little tippy when you first get on but the tippy-ness is easily overcome.
Usage: Touring, exercise, small surf
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