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Reviews for Airhead Na Pali SUP by Airhead

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AIRHEAD'S inflatable SUP measures 10 ft. 6 in. and is the best quality your money can buy. The extra rugged drop stitch construction allows a much hig ...
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 5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lisa on 2014-07-20
Summary: First time paddler. :D

Pros: Steady, easy to get up on, loved it for turning easy glide. Totally biffed it at the end only cause my foot came off the grip. All in all a great ride.
Usage: Touring around a lake

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: CM on 2014-07-14
Summary: Great on flat water! Takes some getting use to with any ripples or chop. Love the eyelets to bungee jackets or cooler to it. I like the versatility of sitting with seat, or standing! So no matter what the water conditions have a way to be on this board and out enjoying the water!! Also, once you get use to the bounce on choppy water, you improve all your balance muscles!

Pros: Eyelets to bungee a cooler or extra jacket. The kayak seat. Soft on legs and feet to be out for long time. Light to carry. Improves balance!
Cons: Bouncy on choppy water.
Usage: Lake Erie, open water with chop and waves. Touring in lagoons - flat water.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Dane Sinnett on 2014-06-27
Summary: I live in West Virginia. Not a lot of these here. I've got several comments on the board the last couple weeks while out on lakes in this area. I use to surf about 20 years ago so it wasn't that hard for me to take this back up again.

Pros: Seems to be a great board. Like that I can put it inside of my jeep and not have to worry about having a roof rack.
Cons: Haven't really had any cons.
Usage: Exercise, touring

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: RamseyHFD on 2014-06-05
Summary: Bought from an online retailer , had no problems with directions or packing list, once inflated board is very sturdy and feels nice and stable in water adding the seat for beginners to get their "legs" was a breeze. I really enjoyed learning paddling and balance gradually. Remove the seat and SUP is is step two. Beginners will find this board easy to conquer

Pros: Has kayak style capabilities
Cons: Inflating was a nightmare . Very difficult to attain proper pressure with pump supplied . Once inflated, it was very difficult to deflate and repackage, it seemed like origami to get back to pack able dimensions . This board is truly not a "fix" if you have storage issues and are thinking of using for recreational paddling and just inflating at whim or every other weekend type plans. It is very difficult to inflate /deflate/pack
Usage: Recreational , small lake

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: LC on 2014-05-29
Summary: Great entry SUP for slow/river or lake paddling.Stable, inflatable, this is a bigger board, so once you get the hang of it, you might be searching for a more specialized fit. No complaints, got me into it and can fit kids & dog too!

Pros: Stability, inflatable, price
Cons: Big board, not fast, heavy
Usage: Touring, exercise, family fun

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Randy on 2014-05-10
Summary: This board is great for straightline hauling butt!

Pros: Stability and speed
Cons: Not a great ocean board
Usage: Straight line speed on smooth water- racing

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