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Reviews for Bam Bam 10'8 by Michael Dolsey Designs

Michael Dolsey Designs Bam Bam 10'8 photoMichael Dolsey Designs Bam Bam 10'8 photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Heather on 2015-05-04
Summary: This board is super light and easy to handle. It goes over small surf with no problem and glides well (I have only used it in a lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico). I don't have a lot of experience but I would say this is an intermediate level board.

Pros: Light, glides well, handles surf. It has a camera attachment, a front & back 4-tie down attachments, 5 fin placements.
Cons: Could use a better hand grip and edges scratch easy.
Usage: I have played in the waves (sitting, I am still learning) and in the lagoon. I plan to do yoga on it, I have done some poses but not a workout session yet.
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: rick on 2014-08-29
Summary: I bought this board early this summer to replace a bic because i wanted something to surf with. It does catch waves better. I dont think the bamboo is very thick and does not help with deck strength at least with my 230 lbs on it as i have substantial imprints where i stand the most. I do paddle alot of upwind down winds for conditioning and have had it in mild surf waves maybe three times. I like the board but was disapointed in how soft the top was

Pros: paddles well,fairly light weight
Cons: soft top
Usage: flat water up and down wind, surf
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lin on 2014-06-14
Summary: By far my favorite SUP board. Have had a Michael Dolsey since I really got into paddle boarding. Smooth ride, lightweight, and great balance with my dog on the front.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing
Usage: Surf, exercise, touring, yoga, recreational
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