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Reviews for Vibe 8.0 by Coreban SUP

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Surf7 on 2012-07-17
Summary: Just picked up a Vibe a few weeks ago and have been very, very impressed with it's surfability on knee to shoulder high waves. I'm still getting down the smaller, narrow board stability in Florida Gulf Coast wind chopped waves but it is a fantastic ride on clean waves. It is a fast board for it's short size. Late drop-ins don't seem as necessary as with other boards I've tried. I love the coreban handle. You can actually wrap your fingers around into the board for a good grip. I wish all SUPs had this. I may not purchase another SUP without it.

Pros: It fast for it's size. It's lightweight. I love the coreban handle! It surfs great!
Cons: It doesn't track well, but that's not so necessary for a shortboard sup.
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