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Reviews for 10.6I Inflatable SUP by Blair SUP

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Marcile on 2012-06-25
Summary: 10'6 x 29 x 4 1/8

Pros: As mentioned above, ease of travel, have flown to Hawaii and San Diego with itAnd taken it camping. It is tough, I have dropped it off the roof of my car onto the rocks, hit rock in water, my dog rides on it...still in great shape. have spent hours on it in the river and ocean over past 2 years. Glides real nice. Paddlers in Hawaii were astounded that it was inflatable based on it's performance. You can put kids and newbees on it without fear that they will hurt themselves, anyone else, or the board...
Cons: In wind can be blown around a bit. Some what like paddling on a trampoline in the chop. A little more
Usage: Touring, exercise, surfing smallwaves, paddling with my 50# dog on board. Rivers, lakes, lagoons, where ever there is water.
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