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Reviews for Paiwen 2011 For Women by Paiwen Board Sports Inc

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lori on 2012-07-03
Summary: I'm in love mine. Thank you so much for making such an awesome SUP Paiwen. The whole package is amazing.

Pros: Stable, beautiful, strong.
Usage: Exercise, surf, touring.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Grace on 2012-05-21
Summary: I saw the review above and had to post something here because her experience couldn't be more different from my own. I've had my Paiwen for over a year now and love it to death. I use it all the time surfing and touring. I've been out maybe 50+ days without a single issue. Some of my best days are on my Paiwen SUP now and it's hard to drag me off the water even after sun down. I also own a 12 foot Naish SUP, the quality is at least equivalent, both are nice but the Naish is too big and the Paiwen suits me better. I love my Paiwen board.

Pros: Gorgeous Strong Fun Great complete package
Cons: As with all SUPs I wish it could be lighter. Not a fan of the coil leash for surfing.
Usage: Surf Touring



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