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Reviews for 12' LR6 by SUP ATX

SUP ATX 12' LR6 photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Gerald Stephenson on 2012-09-23
Summary: I had been trying several sup's and the SUP-ATX looked more and more like what I wanted- then I won this very Red White and Blue board i their July giveaway--It is the best SUP.

Pros: What is not to like ? light- east to stand and paddle- enjoyable to kneeL and paddle- even great to stretch out and catch rays on ! I love it all !
Cons: Absolutly nothing- easy to get back on when I jump in to cool off-has the carrying bungy cord fixtures in the nose to carry drinking water or a snack- even fishing gear and a dry place for my licence.
Usage: My escape vehicle- also a way to have fun with 3 of my sons who live near Atlanta- Lake Acworth and Alatoona are great places to play- Acworth is safer- no power boats or jet ski's.



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