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Reviews for The Easy Rider 11.6 by Blu Wave SUP

Blu Wave SUP The Easy Rider 11.6 photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: jhelfrich on 2012-07-28
Summary: The Blu Wave Easy Rider is a great board for the cottage, or beginner lessons or yoga and fitness classes on the water. It's not meant to be a high performance surf-board. It's good value at $999 for this kind of board.

Pros: The durable construction, soft-top deck wraps all the way around the rails and it has front bumpers. Carries a good sized paddler. At 200lb still has a good glide ratio. Flexible fin less likely to break.
Cons: Carry handle is a straight cutout with no place to curl your fingers. At 32lb, it gets a bit slippery and tiring to carry any distance.
Usage: Great board for lessons, rentals and cottage. Decent board for touring. Not appropriate for maneuvering in sizable surf.

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