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Reviews for Lady 10'8" x 30" WS GLOSS 2012 by JP Australia

JP Australia Lady 10'8" x 30" WS GLOSS 2012 photoJP Australia Lady 10'8" x 30" WS GLOSS 2012 photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Kee on 2014-05-06
Summary: Light speedy board for the ladies!!!! Easy to get on and off of your car, easy to carry as well. This is an intermediate board for most people and it is perfect for smaller lighter women. And it is pretty!

Pros: Turns easily, not too tippy, cuts through the water really easily. Goes from the small lake to the big lake or ocean with ease, rides the waves like a champ
Cons: For lighter users, probably under 150 pounds so it isn't a board to share with your mate
Usage: Flat water, smaller waves, fitness, touring
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