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Reviews for All Round 11'8" by JP Australia

JP Australia All Round 11'8" photoJP Australia All Round 11'8" photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: golly on 2013-05-18
Summary: I'm 110 KG and 1,94m, till now I paddled just flat water. It's very stabil and quite fast, turning good and easy. I have to train in choppy water, that's difficult for me. A friend with 85 KG has no problems. I like the windsurf option espacially for my kids. Boardweight is about 12,5 KG, in gloss it has a mirror optic. I like it.

Pros: Light,stabile for me with 110 KG, nice optic.
Usage: Allround, I paddled just in flatwater, no experience in waves
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