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Reviews for SHUBU - 10'7" by Boardworks SUP

Boardworks SUP SHUBU - 10'73 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Michael Young on 2014-07-10
Summary: Got this used for a starter board and it has been great! I did buy a Kpump to get to desired PSI, the little tabs on the pump included just didn't quite cut it. Kpump takes a little longer to pump up but is great for the top off!

Pros: Tie down, portability
Cons: 3 small fins make tracking tough..
Usage: mostly on lakes, once in the gulf and just not ridged enough for surf.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Blaine on 2014-06-21
Summary: great board for flat water, very portable, my board was purchased in 2012 and is not the exact model shown here, but very similar. it comes with a storage bag, pump, and repair kit... which I haven't needed yet.

Pros: very portable, I have taken this board on 2 plane trips with little difficulties. also very stable for a 230 6'5" man.
Cons: the pump is fairly cheap and I had to replace it because the pressure gauge broke, and I could not find just a replacement gauge.
Usage: flat water river paddling and calm saltwater paddling

1 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Karen on 2014-06-13
Summary: Bought the SHUBU in December 2011 as an xmas gift for us. We used it once in 2012 due to some family circumstances. In 2013, we used the board about 10 times on a local lake. A couple of weeks ago, we got it out to get ready for the season, started pumping it up. We got to 12.5 psi (recommended 14psi) and heard a whistle then all the air escaping. The seam at the back of the board just blew out, about 4", which we cannot patch. I have sent 2 emails (and a 3rd today) with absolutely no response from the company. For the 10 uses we got out of the board, it was fine. As stated in another review, the pump is not that great, and we would usually just get it to 12psi, which was fine for our weights. We are now in the market for another board, which will definitely not be boardworks brand or inflatable.

Pros: Portability
Cons: Rendered useless after less than 15 uses by the seam blowing out. No response from the company to emails. Pump not that great.
Usage: Exercise, touring

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Britt on 2014-05-28
Summary: These are the first inflatable paddle boards we've owned, having rented some in the past. We love them, and are always trying to explore new areas, exercise on them, or just paddle somewhere for lunch.

Pros: *D rings with bungee for strapping down PFDs, drybox, cooler, water; *Fantastic tracking & stability; *Carrying bag that folds up around the rolled-up board (no struggle to stuff the board into a bag); *Super easy to deflate and roll-up; *Packable! - throw is right in the car and get going!
Cons: *Pump is single action and does not deflate; *A little heavy, especially if you have to carry the inflated board to the water; *Carry handle is balanced when nothing is strapped to the board, but if there is something attached to the bungee, the carry handle isn't so useful as the board tips forward;
Usage: Exploring nearby rivers, exercising, bird watching, and just having fun

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Marco on 2014-03-21
Summary: It was fun and practical while it worked. Easy for transport on quick trips if undecided if you want to go paddling . Inflatables are my first choice.

Pros: Very practical, seemed bullet proof.
Cons: The board bowed a little bit under my 215 lbs. but I only pumped it up to about 11psi. Pump is flimsy but it seems ISUP standard. After about 2 years, the front tip seam became delaminated. It only happened to one out of two boards.
Usage: Touring

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: John C on 2012-07-24
Summary: Love this board! Take it wherever we go. Rides nice on flat water and I'll try it in the surf next week when we fly to the east coast.

Pros: Packs into it's own backpack and the whole package can be checked as luggage. We have a 3 piece paddle that fits in the bag as well. It's 35 in. wide, so it provides a nice stable platform which makes it a good board for beginners.
Cons: It is hard to pump up to 15 psi with the hand pump that comes with it, but we use an electric pump which makes it a breeze.
Usage: Exercise, cruising and entertainment

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Guylene Leroux on 2012-07-11
Summary: This board as been so great. I have taken the board to Crescent Beach (pacific) in rough and smooth water and has perform very well. It is durable and easy to transport!

Pros: This board is very stiff for an inflatable. It is vary stable. This is a great board for travelling!
Cons: it's a little hard to inflate at the end.
Usage: Exercise, touring and for fun at the lake or ocean.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: blaine on 2012-06-19
Summary: pretty good board, love that I can pack it up and take it on a plane.

Usage: mostly for floating down the river with tubers



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