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Reviews for C-Series 10'8" by Cabrinha Surf

Cabrinha Surf C-Series 10'8" photoCabrinha Surf C-Series 10'8" photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: JWM on 2012-07-12
Summary: When I bought this board there were no reviews on it that I could find so I thought I would post one. I have multiple injuries and a lot of hardware in my back, pelvis and ankle from a motorcycle accident about 18 years ago. I was looking for a board that would be good for inland lakes and the Great Lakes in and around Michigan. Due to my accident I have horrible balance and so I wanted a stable board that would allow me to actually participate in the sport and not get frustrated trying to stand up on it all the time. Good news is this board is very stable and I believe anyone regardless of age, size or weight should be able to paddle this board.

Pros: Stability, Quality (so far), versatility and ease of use. The main benefit for me is that it has made me feel 20 years younger, I feel great. The first 14 days I had it I drove 15 minutes to one of our cottages and paddled 11 out of th e14 days, only fell when the kids wanted to see me get wet. My right leg that has atropy for the last 18 years is starting to build muscle again! My knee is also getting stronger, I am walking better and generally feeling great. I have 5 inch metal rods fusing L2-L4 together and this sport gives me 0% back pain, none, nada! I could not believe it, at 44 years old I have finally found a summer sport I am hooked on. I can no longer mountain bike like I use to due to a plate in my pelvis and a weak right calf. If anything would get me back on my bike it would be this SUP. However, I am so hooked on this awesome, low impact sport I no longer desire to mountain bike.
Cons: So far nothing.
Usage: I mainly use this for exercise and I hope to get to ride some waves on Lake Michigan at the end of the month. Apparently the stepped rail will help being able to turn this beast on waves under 6 feet. This is a big board, I have had 2 kids on the front of it and if they are not moving around a lot you will not dump it. I have also had a dog on it and he did very well, did not move around too much so it was great for both of us.
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