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Reviews for NSP 14' Coco Mat Race by NSP

NSP NSP 14' Coco Mat Race photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Andrew Seymour on 2014-03-28
Summary: Great looking board that's fast and stable. The classic appearance always get heaps of attention. If I lost it tomorrow I would probably replace it with exactly the same board.

Pros: Has a good ability to maintain speed and tracks very well. Find I'm doing up to thirty strokes per side before changing.
Cons: The painted white sides mark very easily and the coco mat fin supplied is extremely brittle. I suggest only using it for racing and get an everyday knock about fin. The deck grip could use more texture.
Usage: I use it for exercise, teaching and racing. The pin tail does not lend itself to surf turf turns easily. I have used it for surfing but it was a challenge.

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