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Reviews for NSP 10'2 Coco Mat by NSP

NSP NSP 10'2 Coco Mat photoNSP NSP 10'2 Coco Mat photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Stacey on 2014-05-09
Summary: I LOVE this board. She is light and easy to handle. The was my first board and still my first choice for ease and maneuverability. I am 5' 2" and weigh 110 lbs, this board is no problem at all. I have done SUP Yoga on her and she is very stable. She has a nice glide to her and I love the natural look of the coconut husks. I would definitely recommend this board for a beginner and esp. for yoga. We even took her on some waves last year.

Pros: It is light weight and perfect for someone who is petite and worried about the size of their board. Good for touring and yoga. I have surfed her too (small waves - live on Cape Cod)
Usage: Touring, Yoga and Surfing
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: ArleyB on 2013-12-27
Summary: This was my first SUP purchased specifically for paddle surfing and I was never an avid surfer. But at 225lbs (which limits my selection) this board has held up and I am enjoying a new sport and great workout.

Pros: Big rails and very stable for someone 200-240. Good beginner and fun longboard board. Fun and VERY LIGHT and not too long. Long carves but responsive rocker. Good flatwater board for house guests. Amazingly light.
Cons: I wiped out and somehow punched a 4-inch crack in it through the padding -- from my paddle handle, I think. I am not sure that the coco-mat is not a compromise in surface strength, but I cannot say this with certainty. It also seems prone to cosmetic cracks along the white parameter.
Usage: Popular surf spots in Huntington Beach (South Bolsa) and Seal Beach (1st St.) Meaty conditions.
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