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Reviews for NSP 14' Race by NSP

NSP NSP 14' Race photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: golly on 2013-05-18
Summary: I paddle this board in flatwater, training . its light and maneuverable. Bow cuts through water, very nice.

Pros: quite stabile for me (110 KG, 1,94M) fast, compared to JP 11.8 allround, it's light and very cheap, paid 700 EUR in 2013, fin and leash included. Nice optic, nice shape. Weight 13,5 KG, so it's light
Cons: simple deck pad, quick dirty from muddy feed and bird ..., a shadow stays on the softdeck
Usage: flat water, perhaps race(28 wide is quite much), I'm not good enough so I use it for fitness and relaxing after work!!! this is perfect.

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