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Reviews for NSP 11' by NSP

NSP NSP 11' photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Ian Earwicker on 2014-06-04
Summary: I was on a surf trip to South Devon (CroydeBay) last year, had a few days decent surf then midweek it went super flat! I rented a 11' NSP Sup board to try it out having never done Sup before. Had such a fun day and even managed to surf it in a few little rollers when they turned up.!

Pros: Lightweight for a 11' long board. Easy to carry with built in handle and very very stable and easy to ride. You just need balance!
Cons: 11' foot long! Make sure you have garage space! Only used it for a day so no major cons.
Usage: Flat sea / little surf

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Bruce Barbeau on 2014-05-31
Summary: This is one board that does it all! I LOVE the stability in "flat" water riding multiple crisscross boat wakes. I am not an experienced surfer but I caught the first wave that came along (about 5'). My surfing buddies rode it without the paddle and had a hoot. they said I had picked an awsome "stick".

Pros: First of all it's pretty, ours are Blue Camo. Lighter than other 11s. The square tail helps it catch anything that even looks like a wave, even a boat wake.
Cons: Sorry I just can't think of anything.
Usage: My wife and I use our boards for everything except racing. Sometimes we pack a lunch, lawn chair and spend the day on our boards.We both have NSP 11s.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Joe10 on 2012-06-23
Summary: Outstandind board. Very pleased

Pros: light, stable, cool
Usage: touring, surf

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