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Reviews for NSP 10'2 by NSP

NSP NSP 10'2 photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Dino P on 2015-03-11
Summary: Wow, what a great all rounder. As a beginner its giving enough to challenge me yet not to much to scare me off. Light for its size. Plenty of volume for my 120kg size, I wouldn't want to be any heavier though. Great help and advice from Earth Wind Water on the Isle of Wight, awesome customer services - other retail shops could learn from them.prices competitive with a lot of internet sites.

Pros: Great volume for size, great all rounder. Should be able to stay with this one for quite a while. Well built. Great value
Cons: nothing at the moment, spot on for what I need. Had it for 6 months over winter so not used asuch as I would like to.
Usage: Surf. Touring. Exercise

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Marlyn on 2014-03-23
Summary: Perfect 1st board, suitable for the whole family to start enjoying sup. Plenty volume, good confidence builder, great price, few custom stickers and it is a good looking board.

Pros: Very stable, good volume suitable for the family to use, reasonable price for beginner 1st board.
Cons: Bit heavy to carry with the handle as it is.
Usage: Use it for everything, learning to surf, fun race, exercise, it had got me hooked on sup and ready to pass on and upgrade

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