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Reviews for Saturn 11 ft SUP SOT330 by Saturn Inflatable SUPs

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The Saturn inflatable standup board is easy to ride and allows paddlers of all skill levels, including beginners, to enjoy a stable, comfortable ride ...
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 5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: guywithkidsonthelake on 2015-03-17
Summary: Bought this inflatable SUP for recreational paddling in lakes and lagoons. I usually bring have one of my kids as a passenger, and this SUP has no problems with stability with the extra weight. I attach a couple of short bungee cords to the D-Rings to store the dry sacks. The paddle is lightweight and easy to adjust even when you are in the water. I recommend this SUP for the price and durability.

Pros: Good price for a recreational SUP. Handles reasonably well for an inflatable SUP. Ease of transportation.
Cons: The storage bag could be designed better.
Usage: Recreational, kids, exercise, chill time!

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jennifer Reckles on 2014-06-05
Summary: I purchased a Saturn SOT330 right when they launched their new 17lb model and I couldn't be happier with my buy! This is by far one of the most convient boards I have ever used. I enjoy rollerblading too and from the beach so having this pack up into my backpack is a real benefit for me as I don't have a car and traditional boards aren't an option for me. I haven't taken the board into the open water yet, but I would imagine it would be very stable for even a beginner. I dont have the best balance myself and I've only ended up in the water once or twice (ok maybe 3 times!) I've started incorporating the board into my morning Yoga routine and it really takes it to another level. I've had a number of my friends try the board and they were equally impressed. All in All its a great board for the price and I couldn't ask for more. I hope to see them produce some more lightweight paddles in the future, just to lighten my travel load since comparatively the board is a feather! Overall nothing but rave reviews for this board. I hope to get many beautfiful sunrises out of my Saturn Sup!

Pros: Lightweight, Easy to transport, Inflates quickly. I like the light coloring as it doesn't heat up too quick. I tried doing some poses on a hardboard that was dark red, and every time my back touched the surface I could hear the sizzle.
Cons: Paddle isn't anything to write home about.
Usage: I do about an hour of Yoga nearly every morning and take it for leisure paddles through the harbor islands on the off weekend.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: mattschara on 2014-05-28
Summary: Love this board, bought it a few years ago and still going strong, pretty easy to pump with the included pump, about 5-10 min and off you go. I added some shock cord to the front and back, also bought this with the kayak seat that hooks into the ad-rigs, so that I can travel long distances, camp and paddle, bring everything I need and when I get a little tired or my dogs need a rest, I can sit and paddle for awhile. Have a sup/kayak paddle, started with the one from Saturn and nice paddle, and just got an accent versa max, really liking it. All in all for the price, can't go wrong, easy to paddle, stable and has good speed, but for leisure paddling for sure! I have used this mainly on rivers and lakes and will continue to keep one of these around for sure, even if I decided to get a hard board, will keep a Saturn for packing and traveling with. Kids love it as well, very easy for them and if they do fall, soft and safe! I would recommend a Saturn board for anyone looking to get unto sup paddling, someone who wants to try out the inflatables and see how they like them, this was me, and for the price, can't beat it and love it!!

Pros: Price Stable Holds up Portable D-rings are a great plus for shock cord, kayak seat, etc..
Cons: Leisure paddling, not for speed or heaven waves, etc.. Pumping can be trying, but not bad at all, just get a work out and a sweat going before you paddle More vibration in the inflatable then a hard board
Usage: I use this board all the time and love it, mostly fun, leisure paddling, added shock cord to the d-rings to tie down gear for long paddles, camping and paddling, multi-day trips. Also use it for fun with kids every now and then and they love it, safe, soft and easy for them to use, very stable once they get the hang of it!

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Josh on 2014-05-25
Summary: Well worth the price. I had several inflatable paddle boards before, but at this price Saturn surely best choice. I was expecting something of lower quality, but in fact it was very nice board. It performs well, very rigid and total fun on a a water.

Pros: Very light, stiff, performs great, good price, good price, good price!
Cons: well, nice back pack bag would be cool.
Usage: mostly touring and some surfing

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: ARK on 2012-09-02
Summary: Love the board. Well worth any cons so far!

Pros: Take it in any vehicle. Very versitle. Don't have to worry about being stolen overnight if traveling. Very buoyant & flows good on the water.
Cons: The time to blow it up, which is hardly a con considering all the Pros. Has to be blown up to at least 9 lbs. if you are over 200 lbs.



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