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Reviews for Lopez 8'11" Lil Darling by Surftech Paddlesports

Surftech Paddlesports Lopez 8'115 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Nick P on 2014-04-18
Summary: < My first sub 9' SUP I am 67, 5'4 weigh 142 lbs been surfing for since 1974(started late !) with last 20 years largely on retro and mals 8'0- 9'4

Pros: Great stability, and especially easy for me when paddling out through mush and breaking waves compared to my 9'4 I connected with the board from the very first wave:it felt as if been surfing it forever. Great rsil-to-rail along wall, the quad set up holds real smoothly in hard turns from tail. Feel confident can push into bigger waves and there will be no loss of control. Like the fact it is in Tuflite.
Cons: As expected can be a bit of a handful in serious chop but as I tend to avoid conditions like this mainly,no real problem. Would have liked recessed handle design like Fanatic/Coreban.
Usage: Used mainly for clean surf so far and it feels at its best when waves get to be a decent lined up 3'+. Not used on flat water as have longboard shape can use for this.

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