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Reviews for Bark 14' Expedition by Surftech Paddlesports

Surftech Paddlesports Bark 14' Expedition photoSurftech Paddlesports Bark 14' Expedition photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jen on 2012-06-18
Summary: Love the glide, love the shape. For a non-displacement board, this really moves, and is very stable. I have 5 boards, and I take out beginners all the time...once I introduce them to this board, they never want to go back to the all rounder!

Pros: Glide, shape, stability. Glad they extended the traction pad....makes it easier to step back for a turn. Tuflite is very sturdy...I dropped mine on some rocks and no damage!
Cons: Wish it had the same handle as the competitor/dominator.
Usage: Exercise and touring.
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