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Reviews for Glide 14'0" Carbon by Naish

Naish Glide 14'0" Carbon photoNaish Glide 14'0" Carbon photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: pedaler on 2014-11-22
Summary: Beautiful board! Mine is the newer style board with less rocker in the nose area (2014) great big board yet very stable and maneuverable, easy to buoy turn, as the padding under foot almost goes to the tail, very light weight, great color, they've placed the grip back into the center now and carrying it is a breeze!

Pros: well built,light weight, looks, stable, very good down-winder, came with a super nice bag to store it in
Cons: no real attachment points to lash down any gear. I was told it's noisier than a fellows flatwater board, as the bow still has some rocker and as such doesn't pierce the water (on flatwater!)
Usage: When ever I can (But mostly when the wife has my other board!) have a 12-6 Naish I regularly use, as it's easier to transport by bike. But whenever the wind blows I'm on this board!
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: robcasey on 2012-04-11
Summary: The Glide 14' is a great downwinder and flat water board.

Pros: - Light for carrying - Fast on flat water - Great downwinder board. - A great touring board.
Cons: - Not suitable for folks above 6-5 or 230lbs in rough water.
Usage: Great for racing, downwinders, flat water, touring
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