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Reviews for Laird 10'6" by Surftech Paddlesports

Surftech Paddlesports Laird 10'65 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Dave Maledy on 2012-09-29
Summary: Perfect allrounder

Pros: Fantastic allround one quiver board. I love this board. I'll have it for life. will do everything from really punchy waves to mush. Just change the fins accordingly.
Cons: Nose doesn't go through white water aswell as my surf music but otherwise nothing
Usage: I use it in mush and less punchy waves or when it's messed up. My wife uses it as a first board as it's very stable.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: John Arsenault on 2012-09-15
Summary: I ride a 2012 10' 6" model and it's by far the best SUP I've ridden. I also have a 9' 6" Coreban Performer which is fun, but the Laird is my hotdoggin' board. I love walking the board. It nose rides well, cutbacks better than I ever thought a 10' 6" would and handles steep/late drop-ins with no problem. My friends say I'm ripping on it - I feel I'm riding well.

Pros: It's easy to catch waves on and rides like a high performance longboard. As a quad it does everything well in waves from 2' to 6' faces. I love using the paddle to make controlled side slides on bottom turns. Many of my friends have 8' something SUP's and their turning radius is a little tighter, but my wave count is usually a bit higher. I've ridden it just about every day for the past 4 months and due to the surftech construction it still looks like new.
Cons: I really have no cons about my Laird. I recommend this board to any SUP'er who wants to surf longboard style.
Usage: I surf it. It could be used in flat water or touring, but I love surfing on it.

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