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Reviews for Surftech 10'6" B-1 by Surftech Paddlesports

Surftech Paddlesports Surftech 10'6" B-1 photoSurftech Paddlesports Surftech 10'6" B-1 photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jenn Hubel on 2015-03-10
Summary: Fantastic board! Perfect for all kinds of boarding from touring, river running to yoga. This board is indestructible but elegant looking at the same time. As a beginner boarder it was easy to learn on and has carried me thru to more advanced area's of the sport.

Pros: Easy to maneuver in all kinds of water conditions. Grip pads are comfortable on the feet and board is very stable. Indestructible and beautiful exterior.
Cons: The weight isn't as heavy as some board but I would like it to be a little lighter.
Usage: Exercise, yoga, touring
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Snowgazm on 2012-08-03
Summary: I am 5'8" tall & weigh 160 lbs / at 10'6" & weighing in at 29 lbs This Beauty will FLOAT you like a leaf on the wind ... Tracks good In Flat & Chop ...Step up front & you can even make some time up wind ( LOVE THE B U R N ) The B-1 seems to Have FUN Baked right in w/ that Fiberglass Fused to Polymer at 400*F ??? What ever they use this Woven Glass has takin a few good rock Hits & HOOKS on rivers & I show more worse for wear than my Base - tip & fin Box At-least I can show off my exploded fin edges to prove I crashed Fast & Hard. If she came with Tie Down Points up front for an Over - Night - Bag this WOULD BE THE BEST ALL _ AROUND BOARD ON EARTH

Pros: Buoyancy is Lively !- Deck Pad Provides Lotsa ROOM = Ya Dance Floor TIME - Can Do Every - Thing ...get this ....WELL - Takes a Beating like your first Motorbike & Keeps on Going ...Strong - Ease of Care ...
Cons: No Gear attachment points - No Up - Turn In Rear Deck Pad (Rear Foot Locked in) For Aggressive Tail sink Spins ( fun to Wheelie & spin ) - No Solar Panel Tip I can charge my MP3 with - No water Bottle Mounting inlay - No way to Lock my SEXY BOARD UP.
Usage: Sup in Alaska = Tour - 8 to 14 mile w/ Turnagain arm Tidal Flows / Class 2 rivers / Glacier Lakes / Streams / Marsh's & Swamps / Down winders On Open Ocean / Tow behind small boats
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