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Reviews for Alana 10'10" AST by Naish

Naish Alana 10'105 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: robcasey on 2012-04-22
Summary: A very stable board for many body types and skill levels from flat water to surf.

Pros: As an instructor I always want to put beginners on a very stable board so they gain confidenc and have fun for their first lesson. This board helps me do this and has been great for smaller folks to those above 6' and over 240lbs. The concave hull helps with stability as well as it's generous width. i've surfed it and had a great time, as well as having paddled it in tidal rapids and non rocky rivers. The board is easy to carry and has attachment points for tie-downs, rare on many boards available today. My stats: 6-5, 230lbs.
Cons: I wished I got the one pictured!
Usage: Surfing, flat water, non rocky rivers, downwind, exercise, light touring, shorter races, and great for instruction.



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