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Reviews for 12'6" Voyager 29" by YOLO Board

YOLO Board 12'6" Voyager 29" photoYOLO Board 12'6" Voyager 29" photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Darlene on 2013-04-06
Summary: My first board after 9 months of renting. Used and love the way I'm able to get to know the water with my board. It handles currents/wind/waves from all angles well.

Pros: I'm 5'9" and it fits well with my height
Cons: Not as firm on the lateral waves as a Riveria.
Usage: Training, racing and just being on the water!
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Joe Fountain on 2012-04-26
Summary: Absolutely love it. This is my first paddleboard. Thus far I could not be more pleased.

Pros: For me this board glides like a dream. It takes very little paddling effort to maintain a nice steady pace. It very easily cut through a light chop on Western Lake on a fairly windy day. Even though I am a novice it is easy to maintain balance even at slow speeds. It is also lightweight and very easy to carry not to mention very easy on the eyes.
Cons: Thus far I have found nothing that I do not like
Usage: My primary usage will be flatwater coastal lakes and bays in the Florida Panhandle. I kayak and canoe as well and think this will be a very frequently used way to get out on the water. Definitely love it
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