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Reviews for YOLOyak by YOLO Board

YOLO Board YOLOyak photoYOLO Board YOLOyak photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lenora Deonath on 2015-05-20
Summary: This board is great for beginners and for durability. Very stable on the water and able to support larger athletes. It tracks well and is easy to handle on the water.

Pros: I like that beginners can get on this board and learn the sport.
Cons: Large, need 2 people to carry
Usage: Cruising the river.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: HF on 2015-05-17
Summary: The YOLOyak is this Mama Bear's personal favorite! At first I thought it would simply be a great "beginner" board, introducing the kids to the ocean without falling out too easily, etc, but it has quickly become an out-island necessity. YOLOyak is the perfect lovechild between a canoe and surf board, I hope to build a collection and use them for many years!

Pros: Weight and specs
Cons: Limited color options
Usage: Spear fishing w babies, paddling to nearby islands, "surf board" yoga, kiddy diving board and swim floaty, snorkeling, friendly racing and amateur surfing.
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3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Doug Klapper on 2014-11-21
Summary: The YOLOyak is very beginner friendly and nearly indestructible as it is made of rotomolded plastic. The YOLOyak is a stable platform to stand up paddle or even fish. The YOLOyak can be paddled on your knees or even sitting down, but the best way to enjoy this SUP is to lie down and take it easy.

Pros: The YOLOyak is durable and forgiving as it is made of rotomolded plastic, so it can be stored outside and dropping it won't harm it. The YOLOyak has a large area, with lots of bungee cord, for securing lots of gear. The YOLOyak has a molded in hole perfect for a cable to lock it up if you wish. The YOLOyak is reasonably priced.
Cons: Because the YOLOyak is rotomolded plastic it is heavy. The YOLOyak isn't a very efficient paddle craft, there is minimal glide after one stops paddling.
Usage: We use our YOLOyaks on the rivers and lakes in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. The YOLOyak is a great platform for swimming or fishing. We regularly paddle 6-20 miles on the Wisconsin and Fox Rivers. The YOLOyak would make great rental units because of their durability and price point.
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lukas72 on 2014-10-22
Summary: I liked it a lot. It was fun to ride.

Pros: Very stable
Cons: Hard to get out in the water.
Usage: For fun
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jane\'s Fields on 2014-10-22
Summary: Yoloyak is my first board. This is a fantastic beginner board. It is wonderful for the entire family especially if you have kids or grandkids. Extremely durable. Well worth the purchase and tons of fun!!!! Thanks For the instructional videos. Very helpful! A must watch for all beginners

Pros: Durability ....ease of learning on
Cons: Na
Usage: Exercise and recreation
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Brad on 2014-07-18
Summary: I bought the Yolo Yak in November 2011. I live in Tempe, Arizona...I alternate between the YAK and another kayak I have. I highly recommend it with a few caveats!

Pros: Stability, I like that I have been able to introduce several friends into trying it and most are hooked with being on the me padlling buddies. They have all enjoyed trying the board. It is a good workout, it is a beast to be sure, but you can move around on it! stand near the back and you pick up speed and use you core more. I like that you can a crate full of goods for the beach. I have seen a large lab on one. It can handle weight. My friend was 275 lbs and he enjoyed the workout and balance experience. I also like that for me, I can kneel or sit and kayak (I bring a kayak paddle every time). Mine has side handles, which makes it easier to lift and can add these on easily. I have taken a milk crate and sat on it admiring the in hand unique hull is a conversation starter...I haven't taken it paddle camping yet, but I am confident I can load up everything needed.
Cons: the biggest-weight...hard to lift onto a small SUV....though I have it down to an art. In the wind and waves on the lake it goes from SUP to tanker...but I use it for working out and enjoy the added challenge Add side handles or simply get an SUP partner and you are good to go... My only concern really is the careful loading and unloading if you are on your own.
Usage: I use it for working out, paddle hard, and kayak paddle on it. The YAK is perfect to teach your friends on and get them on the water. I also enjoy just a leisurely paddle
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lukas on 2014-07-10
Summary: It was very fun to use because it was very stable. It also let me (who has bad balance) use this board with no problem. The only main problem was how we got it out to the ocean.

Pros: Very stable
Cons: Hard to get past waves
Usage: Fun
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Vanessa on 2012-09-23
Summary: Love it! This board handles everything!

Pros: Very sturdy and extremely stable in unstable waters. I'm a complete clutz and overweight and it handles me just fine. I can sit and picnic on it when it's time (on long outings), take photos, go into mangroves without worrying about damaging it, and I will never have to worry about inflating/deflating it, or cracking of any kind. And if by happenstance it falls off of the roof of my car (not likely to happen), it will still be in one piece when I pick it up.
Cons: It has NO way of carrying it. It is very thick, you can't just pick it up under your arm and go, as it doesn't have that part in the middle where you can stick your hand into. An outward handle would be better for this board, actually. I am 5'8", I have long arms and legs, and still have trouble getting it to the water and back onto the roof rack. I had to design and build a custom wheeled carrier for it, none of the ones out there are suitable for this board. I called the manufacturer for ideas, they were clueless. I also had to practice how to get it up there and back down, being that it is a little heavier than the foam boards and it has no handles, and I am prone to back injuries already. The hardware holding the criss-crossed bungee is not big enough to thread anything through it. The tethered handle at one end is positioned awkwardly and the board rocks as you try to carry it, and at the other end, the person (if you have anybody else to help...) has to hold it with both hands. The makers did not put much thought into the functional small details of this board. As bad as this may sound, I wouldn't recommend it for a small female. No offense intended for the exceptionally strong and fit petite ladies.
Usage: I would take it out much more frequently if it wasn't such a hassle to get it up/down and out/in. But when I finally do, I enjoy it so much! I use it to get away from the noise and rumble of life, to relax, to enjoy nature, to picnic out on the water, to get a work out against the current, and photograph my surroundings from angles otherwise unavailable. I've taken it out of town also. It's just so versatile and requires no maintenance. NOTE: the blue board pictured on the Left of this review is not exactly like mine. I have a Yellow YoloYak, and like I said, it has a handle at one end tethered through a hole big enough to thread a strap or rope through it to help you tow it, carry it or tie it down. I use the bungee net to keep my cooler, other equipment and the paddle secured when I'm taking a break or photos.
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3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: jdusmc on 2012-06-08
Summary: A lower price range board, very durable,on the heavy side. Good board for beginners and rental company's. I found it to be a stable board easy to use if you are new to SUP. It has a built in fin and comes with a bungee on bow to carry things. Like the pfd you are supposed to wear or have with you. This is a good board a family could use without shelling out a lot of bucks and knowing it would last.

Pros: Durability, very stable, price .
Cons: weight and ability to go to windward.
Usage: exercise, touring, fun, just getting out on water.
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: linfahr on 2012-05-24
Summary: My first time on a SUP and I had no problem with balance and control even after paddling over two hours. Great beginner board.

Pros: Very stable, tracked straight, fun to paddle.
Cons: Too heavy.
Usage: Touring and lakes, exercise and yoga.
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