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Reviews for Freeride by Starboard SUP

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"Ultimate glide and speed on an all-round board."

The Freeride is a hybrid concept, taking some of our race board development and applying it to ...
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 5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Rick Ask on 2013-05-30
Summary: Love this board. I'm a heavier guy and this board is super stable as well as fast.

Pros: Stability and speed.
Usage: Family touring, exercise and racing

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: margo on 2012-07-11
Summary: I have a discontinued model- 14'8" Coast Runner. LOVE love love it. stable board, no swimming in inlets no matter how bad for me!! seriously fast on downwind open ocean finds bumps to ride even when I don't. LOVE this board. can actually stick more gear on it than on my OC1!!!

Pros: the rocker, the stability, the fun-factor, the fact I can stick BOTH my kids on it with me and they can even lie down and catch a snooze on it. the complete comfort of being on the ocean on it.
Cons: wish it had a handle or grip hole or something. but that's okay. I love this board and actually can't say enough good about it. too bad they discontinued this model--oh...I don't use the rudder...shaft too short to actually work it, plus, heck, I've gotten used to paddling on one side when being broadsided by wind!
Usage: I race it, though it is not really the best board for upwind flat water conditions. the fact it is so fun on the down wind ocean more than makes up for the slog on the flat.

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