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Reviews for Hero by Starboard SUP

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"A new Design for this incredibly successful shape which has won admirers the world over."

Want to surf like a Hero? Then you'll love the turnin ...
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 4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Cat on 2014-06-22
Summary: This is my first adventure into the world of SUPing from beginner windsurfing. I chose the crossover board as it suits my needs for windsurfing and I can experiment with SUPing. First impressions - I like the whole deck eva foam, and the weight - its much easier to carry than a starboard start. First time on the water it was very easy to get started and very stable. I expected to fall off but almost couldn't - I tried silly stuff like jumping and standing as far back as I could to lift the nose and spin. I found it very easy to go in a straight line and easy to turn. In my opinion a perfect board for me to begin with. I have also tested it with a windsurf rig - I had a 5.5m wave sail and went out in fairly calm conditions. Perfect for messing around with and perfecting my gybes. Overall I thing this board will suit my needs both windsurfing and SUPing and is suitable for me to introduce my younger siblings to these great sports. I also feel the board would suit my development and last for years to come.

Pros: Stability, Ability to take rig, Great on flat water and waves, Fits in my tiny car!
Cons: Might not be as stable with a larger person (I'm 5ft 5" and weigh 60kg). Also didn't like my core aching after an afternoon on the water! (Suppose that's due to my fitness or lack of!)
Usage: My main aim is to have a go and try to teach myself. I love to explore the coast where I live and figured this would be an ideal way. With the stability I intend to take it to a surf beach next time we have waves.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: D.T on 2012-06-21
Summary: the Hero is a board that's carves, stable ,paddles, it's strong, and it's fast. Great board.

Pros: what i like about the Hero is that it is easy to turn. on a dime , so they say.
Cons: The cons , is, i can not put my crab pot on it, like on my Whopper.. not a bad con ..
Usage: I mainly surf with my Hero

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