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Reviews for ACE-TEC 10'6 Original by BIC SUP

BIC SUP ACE-TEC 10'6 Original photo

A high-performance board for beginner to advanced riders (up to 200lbs) looking to explore both flatwater cruising and wave surfing. ACE-TEC constr ...
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BIC SUP ACE-TEC 10'6 Original photo

A high-performance board for beginner to advanced riders (up to 200lbs) looking to explore both flatwater cruising and wave surfing. ACE-TEC constr ...
read more & see specs
5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: dinning on 2015-04-28
Summary: My wife and I both have this board and we love it. I usually take my dog, who likes to stand between my legs, or walks from end to end. Great all around board. Reasonably light, maneuverable and well made. Decent price, too.

Pros: Light, maneuverable, well made and reasonable price.
Cons: Nothing.
Usage: River running, ocean bays and harbors. Looking forward to trying in waves.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Ben on 2015-04-22
Summary: Very versatile board. Stable, light weight, durable. Geat for novice, beginers,and intermediate skill levels meaning you wont want to buy another board for a very long time... if ever!

Pros: It's light weight construction makes it easy to maneuver, carry, and surf on or Paddle across wide seas or lakes.
Cons: My only complaint, (and trust me I had to really dig deep to find one) is not the board itself it's actually the bag! I do not like that the bag does not fully unzip! It would totally streamline the process of unpacking and loading the board each time! thats it! Love Love Love the board though!
Usage: Surfing Mostly
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Chris on 2015-03-30
Summary: Fantastic Board for any ability this board is strong and light weight and paddles like a dream in all conditions stable in the ocean and fast on the flats it even catches waves easy. If it's for fitness or just cruising this board is one of the best available

Pros: This board ticks all the boxes for a 10'6
Cons: No complaints
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Matt_ on 2015-03-23
Summary: Great paddleboard for people getting into the sport.Very stable and relatively fast.This paddleboard tracks well and feels like it glides over the water.It is very forgiving if you get off balance.

Pros: stable fast tracks well
Cons: nothing
Usage: mostly exercise
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: SAS on 2015-03-10
Summary: Gotta love this paddle board. BIC has some really amazing products for great prices. You're getting all the features of a much more expensive board for far less than the other brands. I've used this board primarily on lake water with a few waves but it has handled well and really stood the test of time. They also look classy out on the lake with your friends. Simple but with a pop of colors. For all around use for years to come, it doesn't get much better.

Pros: Design, durability, ease of use
Cons: No complaints!
Usage: Exercise, touring
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Bob G. on 2014-11-03
Summary: As a beginner to the sport of paddleboarding I researched boards for a few weeks before narrowing down my choice to the Ace-Tec 10' 6". I was tired of being cramped into a kayak and dragging around fifty pounds of plastic. The Ace-Tec 10'6" is very light and easy to load and unload. It's perfect for river paddling, even with a little chop. I've used it extensively on my local lakes and rivers and I'm looking forward to next season when I hope to try it in the waves at the ocean. Again, great board, light weight, perfect for any type of paddling.

Pros: Light weight. Reputable manufacturer. Local dealer network. Great beginner board...
Cons: Scratches easily. Needs tie down points.
Usage: Touring,fitness,racing.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: chuck on 2014-11-02
Summary: i have the 11X6 and can not be more pleased! it has replaced all my paddle surf boards. it takes the drop like a short board and does not perl. i have paddlesurfed overhead and a half waves that were blown out, and it takes them like a champ. the same hull design gives it excellent windsurfing characteristics. i had i planing today in clearing winds after a storm. it also glides very nicely in light winds. the 6.o sail is perfect for all conditions. i am a 240 pound guy. if i were lighter i would definitely have gone with the 10X6. as everyone i have talked to says the 10X6 is even faster under sail. and more maneuverable in the waves.

Pros: the speed in all conditions and stability with the width. i surf a place with wind swells that are in a different direction from the ground swells, and i used to get blind sided by chop. but is no problem on this board.
Cons: i had to make a hole in the adapter for the sup configuration insert as there was no way to carry the board. but it works fine now.
Usage: paddle surfing and wind surfing.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Amanda Blanton on 2014-07-21
Summary: I rode this board at a rental Outdoors location while on vacation and it was wonderful! It was my first time doing SUP and this board was easy to learn on and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Pros: Easy to learn on! Easy to maneuver.
Cons: None I can think of.
Usage: Exercise, Ocean Paddling, Intro, First Time SUP
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: SKHR on 2014-07-18
Summary: Just got the Wahine 10'6" & love it. We live on a lake & it is perfect. Nice & light. Easy to carry. Very stable. Had been using an old windsurfer board.

Pros: Light. Stable. The carrying handle. Pretty!!!
Cons: Nothing yet.
Usage: Exercise & touring around our lake in Colorado.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: James Warren on 2014-07-16
Summary: I have the FIT version of this board. It's super awesome. It's maneuverable and versatile. You can use it on flat water or surf conditions and it also awesome to do Yoga on.

Pros: Just the right size and able to do both flat water and surf with 1 to 3 fin configuration.
Cons: It could be a little thicker for slightly more stability.
Usage: Exercise, flat water, surf, Yoga.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Mike D. on 2014-06-20
Summary: Great all around board!

Pros: Light, stable, maneuverable, bullet proof.
Cons: None.
Usage: So far exercise and touring on river, lakes and ponds. Will be out in small surf soon.
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Gary F on 2014-06-04
Summary: I really liked this board. I rented it my first time paddle boarding, but I have surfed some having grown up in California. It was a little less unstable if you're not use to standing on a board. I had a blast with it paddling around Utah lake shorelines and harbors.

Pros: It was comfortable to stand on. Big enough to put my 5 year old daughter on the front and take her with me. She LOVED it.
Cons: If it's your first time and balance is an issue, you may want to get a different one the first time you go. It took me about 15 minutes to get use to it, but then I was good to go. Other people in my group who used it had a harder time balancing.
Usage: exercise and recreation use.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jay Losiewicz on 2014-05-06
Summary: The ACE-TEC 10'6" is a great all around board. Its stable for most riders up to 240 lbs and rides easy. The official weight rating is 180lbs for Beginners, and up to 230lbs for Experts - I fall somewhere in between on my "skill", but am a little heavier than that range, yet the board is solid and controls great, and it doesn't sink due to excess weight. While its shape is more designed toward surf conditions, its a good board for flat water or moving rivers. As it's not designed as a racing SUP (which shares a more pointed nose and better water displacement like a kayak), you won't be winning any speed competitions. However for every day touring, the "I wonder what's up there?" trips, its an excellent board that won't make you regret taking it out on the water. Prior to buying a board I tested out a few different sizes - the 11'6" was very floaty - great for balance, but I struggled to keep up with my kayak entourage. The 11' WING (which is based more on a Kayak design) was fun and really cut through the water, however it didn't turn as responsively as the 10'6" ACE-TEC and suffers from a thinner midsection, meaning more effort on your part to keep it level. At the end of the day, the ACE-TEC 10'6" is a great all around board - you'll have a great experience on the water and it will make you want to get back out there. It's even stable enough to lay down and nap if you need a break. And if you're looking at SUPs its because you have a surfer inside you - there's no better feeling that being able to surf a pond, river, lake, or even an ocean.

Pros: 1.) Solid construction for a stable ride. 32" wide gives you a great plane to stand on and doesn't punish you for little missteps. 2.) Light weight at only 26 lbs - easy to toss on top of a car rack or truck bed. 3.) FCS Thruster (3 fin) set up to allow you to switch out between "deep water" fins or "river running" short and/or flexible fins. The center fin is a long box, so if you're buying shorter fin sets, make sure you have a long box adapter*
Cons: 1.) Deck Mount kit is NOT included on older models. I ride a 2013 board, similar to that in the picture. The new 2014 boards come with a factory installed deck mount system. There are good deck mount systems out there, from using 3M adhesives, suction cups, or permanent deck mount systems (as in drilling into your board) - just know you'll have a small purchase on top of the board to mount life vests, cargo, etc. 2.) Not for creek running. This may sound odd, but in my area I have a lot of shallow to mid-depth creeks. In the deeper areas (honestly, 1' deep or more) this board is a champ, but the shallow areas will make you suffer. While it does turn well, you're still a victim to water dynamics - in other words, you're going to hit rocks, be it with the deck or, worse, the fins. Even using 3" fins, the board will come to a dead stop and you'll be doing a fine superman impression over the nose of the board. Worse still you run the risk of breaking your fins and that WILL ruin your day, because... 3.) Flat Bottom: to continue on the last point, DO NOT try this board without fins. The surfing base of this board is just that - flat. With no natural keel and no fins, this board will take you wherever the water pushes it, no matter how hard you paddle.
Usage: I use my Bic ACE-TEC mainly for exercise and touring (which, really, are the same thing). Surfing is the reason I opted for the shorter 10'6" board.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Debbie Watson on 2014-04-25
Summary: Bought this board a couple years ago for my first board. Overall, it has been a fantastic first SUP board.

Pros: *easy, comfortable ride *light-weight *good for flat-water and small waves
Cons: No cons.
Usage: Mostly flat-water cruising/exercise
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: linfahr on 2014-04-21
Summary: Lightweight, great board for touring, fitness, and yoga.

Pros: Lightweight I can carry this board everywhere. Great way to stay fit and it's fun!
Cons: Love this board can'say anything negative.
Usage: Touring, fitness, and yoga.
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3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Sigh Owens on 2014-04-21
Summary: I have owned this board for nearly two years. Overall it is a decent board. The rocker in the nose allows for a great cutting through waves, and for surfing out in the sea. It is maneuverable to say the least. The board is incredibly light for its size, however, the light weight sacrifices durability. The outer shell encasing the styrofoam (or whatever its made out of) core is way too brittle and thin to allow for use on a rocky coast or river. I had damage mysteriously occur that required the use of a repair kit. It is patched up and works great now, but I still am leery of taking it anywhere there might be an obstacle that could puncture the hull. I'd recommend for bay, beach, and lake use only. Price was a little much for the quality. I think the board should have been 200 dollars cheaper due to the weaknesses in the shell.

Pros: Light, maneuverable, good buoyancy and stability.
Cons: The outer shell is too brittle. When cutting over choppy waves in a bay or lake the board vibrates and shakes. Not a big deal, but it gets rather monotonous.
Usage: Ocean surf, bay, short distance trekking, lakes, used it in some rescue scenarios (I am a lifeguard), and for exercise.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Darlene Kowall on 2014-03-29
Summary: I live up in PARRY SOUND and stay in Barrie so I can work in Toronto. I bought this board in 2013 and its the best thing I could have ever down for myself. I work at a job where I sit and get a sore neck and back. I'm in so much pain that I need physiotherapy 1x week. I dream about MY board. I can be in so much pain but when I get on my board and start paddling I stretch all my muscles and no pain and my body feels great and my stress and the rat race of the week in Toronto is gone. Thanks Bic for man ng this awesome board.

Pros: Very light. I have a bad arm, back and shoulder and its so easy to lift and bring down the hill to the water. Its so stable and looks great.
Cons: Love everything about it.
Usage: Exercise, physiotherapy on my whole body and to destress.
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