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Reviews for Shred-X 12ft SUP by Liquid Shredder

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  • "Living" Hard Polyethylene Dura-Shell™ roto-molded Skin is not laminated. Delamination is never a problem.
  • Innovative "X" HD-PE ( ...
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 5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: eclecticsun on 2014-03-19
Summary: The Shred-X 12 SUP by Liquid Shredder is very stable and virtually indestructible. Great board for beginners or heavy riders who want a consistent paddle experience.

Pros: Well Constructed, Heavy Duty and Sturdy. Great rental board for the lake.
Cons: Heavy and hard to move around on land.
Usage: I use this board in my rental fleet for people new to the sport who want a great experience getting the feel of Stand-Up-Paddling.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: knudson on 2012-11-04
Summary: Have had 2 of these boards for 2 years now and they are a blast. Great for any age, any size, any class of rider. Handle makes for easy carry for most users.

Pros: Strong material, durable, easy to clean. Very fast and smooth on the water.
Cons: Small leak allows water into core material. Have to store them standing up to drain after use. Have talked to reps and they say to use epoxy sealant around mold spots in back. Also, screws and center plug comes out easily. We have lost 2 of them already. Somewhat heavy for smaller users. Also, bottom fin came out on one of the boards when we hit the shore (fins do not float). Luckily we found it, and will glue it back into place. The board did not come with paddle, had to buy extra.
Usage: All around use mostly in lakes for family recreation.

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