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Reviews for Cruise Control 11' by Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control 11' photoJimmy Lewis Cruise Control 11' photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: canoes313 on 2014-10-15
Summary: The Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control is a very fine paddle board. I am still a beginner, but I feel very confident on this board. I've paddled other paddle boards, but I feel the construction is superior. It glides very smoothly through the water, and is faster than some other all around boards I have tried.

Pros: Solid construction and meticulous craftsmanship Versatile: designed for both flat water and surf Stability and speed: glides smoothly through the water
Cons: Honestly, there's nothing I don't like about it. I don't think you can go wrong with it. It is an all purpose board. You can find cheaper boards, but I don't think they will surpass the quality. You get what you pay for.
Usage: I have only paddled the Cruise Control on flat water, but I am excited about taking it to the beach. It's great exercise. When I get tired I sit down or kneel. I have a friend who took a nap on it out on the lake!
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Beastie on 2012-06-18
Summary: I've tested a lot of SUP's and decided on Jimmy's Cruise Control. I'm an instructor and it's great for beginners but allows you to do some advanced stuff so you don't

Pros: Light wt, great stability but allows for advanced moves.
Cons: I hate seeing dings in it.
Usage: I use it for touring, exercise, practicing for races (not a good race board), and teaching SUP.
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