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Reviews for All Waters 11' by Rogue Stand Up Paddleboards

Rogue Stand Up Paddleboards All Waters 11' photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Marko on 2014-10-12
Summary: I purchased the 11'6" Blackbeard as my first SUP. As an experienced paddler (canoe and kayak) and 180 lbs, I went with the 11 as I knew I could have room to grow. It's a really responsive and lively board at my weight. It's pretty fast for an all-rounder. I added a Futures Triangle 44 fin and that helps tracking a ton. It's holding up well. I've been surfing it more lately in small waves and it seems predictable and is fun. Great board.

Pros: Lively, responsive, sweat graphics, durable enough, fun board.
Cons: Small stock fin. Bleeder valve cap came off but seems to be staying back on.
Usage: All round, teaching, recreational play, small surf.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Marko on 2014-03-23
Summary: This is the Rogue All Waters Black Beard. Paddler is 175lb and intermediate/expert. It's a very well finished and constructed board. Slight concave nose and twin channels in the tail. Ridden with stock fins and Futures Traingle 44.0 cutaway.

Pros: Very good looking, durable, corrugated pad is grippy. Three fin option provides versatility. Fairly quick up to speed and good glide for all purpose board. Excellent board for the do it all/this is my only board.
Cons: The Futures fin is excellent and adds to much to the tracking. Without it, the board tends to wander a bit. It'd be nice if it had recessed rigging fittings.
Usage: Exercise, recreation, instruction, small wave surfing.

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